Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Our last Monday in Mazatlan

We kept really busy yesterday, our last Monday in Mazatlan. Beautiful day here all day. Low humidity, blue sky and warm, but not hot. No cold wind. One of the blooming bougainvilleas here in the RV park. Unfortunately this year the cutter ants have managed to kill a couple of them. 
 We stopped and picked up John and Jackie and drove to the Golden Zone to have breakfast at Lucky B's. Parked the Jeep in the street near the restaurant where it was much admired. I had French toast for breakfast.  
 John and Jackie and their breakfasts. All food was good. There was a cruise ship in yesterday so we were watching all the tourists wandering around. 
 One of the owners of Lucky B's admired the Jeep then he called Gilberto - the guy who painted the jeep and told him to come over to breakfast. So soon we were joined by Gilberto. He has painted several vehicles for the owner. Gilberto is showing some of his other work to Jackie. He keeps pictures on his tablet. 
 After breakfast we walked around a little. Just the restroom entrances on one of the restaurants.
 And a mural on their back wall.
 We went into the Michael's store where we bought the tiles for our window boxes a few years ago. Just like the colors of these.
The clerk, Teresa,  who managed to pull together all the tiles we needed is always glad to see Bill come in. Here she is climbing a ladder to get him a couple of tin flowers and hummingbirds that he wants for our house in Vegas. 
 We left John and Jackie to wander around the area while we finished running our errands. Had to go to the Centro Historico to pick up my camera. This is the camera repairman's home/office. By thee time we got parked he was coming out the gate with my camera. He said he removed three pieces of lint from the lens. 250 pesos  About 13 dollars. 
 This blue line in the street leads from the cruise ship dock into the Center of old town. In fact right to the Plazuela Machado.
 We were headed to the street Angel Flores to the home of the artist we went to during Art Walk. I had called her and arranged to purchase the print of the tango dancers that I liked so much. 
Then to the grocery store to stock up on a few things to last till we get into Arizona. 
Didn't feel like cooking so went across the street to Torres restaurant for dinner. When we got there we discovered a Mariachi band playing for the guests in the outside restaurant so we went inside.
Watched the sunset - strange cloud formations. No clouds right above the sun forming an area that looked like stealth bomber. 
 And lots of wispy clouds coming off the straight line ones.
 Entertainment with dinner. She has a very pleasant personality and voice. Her first song was "It's a Wonderful World." Perfect song for perfect day. 
 Only one couple dancing though.
 The end of the sunset as were leaving. Monday was the kind of day that kind of makes us want to extend our stay here. 
This morning we are waiting for the mechanic, Pablo to come to put a new water pump in the Jeep. 


Nancy said...

Hate to see y'all leave Mexico, I have looked forward to your posts and pictures each day. Take care and have a safe trip home !!

Jackie McGuinness said...

That is the same singer that performs at Royal Villas.

NormSusan said...

Yes, Yes, Yes. Extend your stay!!!

Carol and Bill said...

Well we'll have about another week before we will be back in the US of A.

Carol and Bill said...

Mixed emotions about leaving. It is fun and beautiful here, but I'm ready to head home. Get new shocks on Jeep and probably head to California for a while.

Unknown said...

Well, I will sure miss your wonderful stories and great pics of Mazatlan.
Have a great trip going back home.

SandyM said...

Your French Toast looks a little different then what I think of French Toast but am always willing to try new to me foods. But I was just wondering.....is that a slice of banana on each toast piece and does it still have the peel on each slice? Silly me just had to ask as I can't get it out of my head that it could be served that way?!

That print is lovely - hope to see a picture of it after you get it framed.

Traveling mercies to you all the way home.

SandyM said...

PS Thank you for being so kind to drop in company - we so enjoyed chatting with you guys.

Carol and Bill said...

wish we could have spent more time together

Contessa said...

Love that tango dancers print.