Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I need a 10 year old!

Not one single picture yesterday. 
We were busy though. Headed up to Green Valley for several reasons. First and foremost to have breakfast. At the restaurant there is an older woman named Addy who works there. She is 89. We always like to see and talk to her. But she only works on weekends now. But glad to know she still is working. 
That accomplished I decided I needed a hair cut. There was a salon just across the parking lot from the restaurant. So over we went. They were busy but took our [yes Bill needed a hair cut too] names. Said it would be a little bit. So instead of just standing there we went next door to the Verizon store to see if I could replace my no longer functioning phone. Yep no problem. Why does it always cost so much to get out of a Verizon store? All I had to do was pay off the one that doesn't work any more. One more payment was due. I could get the exact same phone if I wanted to wait a few days until it could be sent to me. Not a good idea as we weren't home. So I got an upgrade - I like that I could keep my old number, the one I've had for years. While transferring the contacts from Bill's phone to my new phone they noticed that Bill's phone's battery was swelling. So guess who else got a new phone. There are no more contracts for two years BUT...they stretch the payments for the phone over the two years. Such fun. 
Of course, they are both completely different from what we had. New learning curve. While one of us was signing our lives away the other went for a hair cut. So we did get that done. Then the clerk heard us talking about going to WalMart so she said why didn't we go while she continued to set up the phones. Off we went, just at the end of the mall. Picked up a few things that we'd been wanting and couldn't get in Mexico. Then back to the phone store where our new aggravations were waiting for us. Will have to call each other today to see if we can figure out how to answer them. I have managed to text on mine. 
Back to the RV. Luckily I have an address book in my laptop so I was checking the phone numbers and email addresses with what was on the phone where I discovered several of them were wrong. I know they can be edited but damned if I can do it. So just deleted and reentered. 
Then trying to get the home page set up - HA! Also downloading the apps that I'm used to. Got a couple of them done. But don't want them where they ended up. Bill's phone is his problem. I say now...
So that pretty much has taken up the day. 
Making lists of what we need to do when we get home. Fix the Jeeps shocks is first on the list, getting my laptop fixed and a new Nook right up there near the top. Also a few things in the RV at the dealer. They can wait a bit. 
Didn't do much else, watched some TV and kept fooling with phone. Today some on-line work. Getting things at home up and running again.
It is still getting pretty cool here at night. Bill has the furnace on this morning. But getting warm during the day - 88 yesterday. 
Well CRAP now my MiFi doesn't want to work. I think it is because the battery is giving out. It is about 6 years old. Lots of fooling with it and it is up and running again. Maybe I should get this posted before it quits again. 

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Sandy LH said...

Back to Verizon for a new mifi? Lol!