Monday, March 6, 2017

Sunday was a quiet day.

Monday morning is bright and clear out. First time in several days it hasn't been overcast. We have a busy day planned for today. But yesterday we just kind of relaxed at home until time to go to a late lunch with Angelica our long time friend here in Mazatlán. In fact she was our first good friend here many years ago. Had a good meal and great company. Came home and did nothing until time to go to bed.
Boy I don't know about my favorite driver in NASCAR - so far he has had two terrible races. Don't think he's ever had that bad of a start. And the one race he won, the Xfinity race, his car failed inspection after the race. Maybe I won't be watching so much NASCAR this year.
Tomorrow we are having the water pump replaced in the Jeep. It has started a slow leak. Will be much cheaper to get it done here than in the U.S. And it has to be done. And Wednesday morning we head north.

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