Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sunset, sunrise

Well this has been one very interesting day for us here in the Vegas valley. But first. Last nights sunset. I don't have as good a view of the sunsets as I do of the sunrises. But did manage to capture a little of it. 

 And this morning I was up early enough to watch the beautiful sunrise over the desert. 

The weather forecast was for sever weather today but this morning was beautiful. Not a whisper of wind. So I took a walk around the complex. I forgot to put on my Fitbit but according to the map I did about 1 1/3rd miles. Very nice out. Sun was warm and sky was blue.
I don't think I mentioned it but yesterday the gardeners came over and cut down a very brown dead Cyprus tree in our side back yard. Good thing they did it yesterday. When we met the new manager of the park right after we got home we mentioned to him the tree was dead and needed to come down. I was afraid of fire. 
Bill has a really stiff neck so he didn't want to get involved in doing much of anything so we went out to breakfast. Saw this truck in the parking lot. I like the name "Sit means Sit. "
But had to laugh when I saw the back of the truck. 
After eating we headed way across town [18 miles] to the hobby shop. By then the wind was starting to pick up a little bit.
But first we had to stop at the Argentine Market/Restaurant to pick up a few things. One thing we got was a box of Alfahores for our daughter-in-law who just had bunion surgery. OUCH.
Then we had to stop and drop them off with our son at his office, she is still not working because of the surgery. We warned him he had better not open the box and eat the cookies before giving it to her. 
From there to the hobby shop and then I took Bill into the wonderful quilt shop in the same complex. Every time I go in there I'm more impressed. Here is another one of the 3-D quilting projects. They teach a class in how to do it. Will try to take it sometime during the summer.
By the time we got home the wind had really started to pick up. Lasted the whole afternoon. We were without power for about an hour and a half. As of now - 6:00 p.m. there are over 45,000 people without power. Several streets are blocked because of downed power poles and trees. The I-15 is closed northbound because of a turned over semi. Around the area there were 4 overturned semis. 
This is our roof. The corner was already peeled back and we've had the insurance adjuster here for it already. Well see the section behind it. The more wind the bigger the section that was lifting up got. 
 But we were lucky here are two of our next door neighbors. He has lost his carport. 
 They have lost the entire cover for the front of their house. Their porch. I was looking out the window when it came down. 
 More and more of it pulling up. Have left a message for the insurance adjuster. Notice the color of the sky in the photos. 
 This was 4:30 in the afternoon. The temperature dropped from 81 to 59 in about 20 minutes. Some parts of the valley got rain, we didn't. Just clouds of dust.
 Some of our roof shingles on the patio. The wind put lots of debris there too. 
 Looking towards the south east as the storm moved through. 
Wind gusts up to 82 miles per hour were recorded. It was quiet a day. And the warning has been extended until 11:00 p.m. though it seems quiet out now. The sun is even up. And we can see the mountains behind us again.


Barb said...

You should insist on a whole new roof now!

Janet said...

The quilt is amazing! I would sign up if only I could quilt. Looks like you got off sort of lucky. More damage but beats having major structure blown away. We still have a foot of snow in our backyard, we don't think Spring will arrive any time soon.

Carol and Bill said...

going to try for it.

Carol and Bill said...

it is cold enough here this a.m. that we have the heat on. winds today up to 50 - so probably more roof gone. calling ins again.