Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Canadian friends, Mexican mural.

Up early again but the sunrise wasn't worth taking a picture of. 
We met friends who we hang out with in Mazatlan for breakfast here in Vegas. They are on their way driving home to Toronto, Canada. Small world. 
After breakfast we went to pick up the Jeep from the mechanic. Bill had offered to take him lunch, tacos. So we stopped at Pepe's Tacos on Boulder Highway. We'd been past it many times but I'd never noticed the murals. They are quite nice. 
 A lot of detail, and I only took pictures of parts of the mural. It is on the outside of the restaurant.

I went inside while Bill was waiting for the order. One of the murals on the inside walls.
Mechanic was very happy with his lunch. And Willie the Jeep is now home and has brand new shocks, springs and whatever else makes up that assembly, on his front end. No more clunks when going over bumps. 
Meanwhile I have started three new projects. Polar fleece to make a snuggie. To the far left is a large piece of yellow glass for the window I want to make. And standing up in the middle is a project that I am stenciling. Had to buy new paint as all my stencil paint had dried up. Hadn't used it for several years. 
A look at the glass with part of the pattern for one big flower marked on it. Next step is cutting it out. 
Later we went to Barnes and Nobel where I got a new Nook and Bill had his serviced. Also to pharmacy to pick up rest of our prescriptions that weren't ready yesterday. Still waiting for one more that had to be special ordered. 
The insurance agent came over and checked out the roof. Declared part of it damaged and gave us a settlement check to get that part repaired. I was hoping we could get a new roof. But that will have to wait. At least we'll get it repaired before it gets more damage. We're supposed to have winds up to 60 mph Thursday night. 
I've even managed to do some driving myself the last two days. To the RV dealer yesterday and from the mechanic to home today. Forgot how much I enjoy driving my car. Had to believe I've had it almost 20 years. I remember when I bought it like it was not too long ago. Will probably get new tires on it soon. The ones on it are at least 13 years old. And they still look new as far as wear goes. Only about 12,000 miles on them. But they are cracking. 

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