Sunday, March 12, 2017

Day 2 and 3 San Carlos

Oh my gosh. Sitting here puffing and huffing. I charged my Fitbit so it would be ready to take a walk. And then took my walk with it still plugged into the charger. Didn't go very far. I went on the sidewalk and came back on the beach. No hard sand to walk in just broken shells and rocks. By the time I got to the RV I was dripping wet and bright red. I think Bill thought I was having a stroke or something. 
Took this picture of the sunset the first night we were here. Not the usual colorful sunset there usually is here. But different.
This is the locksmith shop right in front of the Totonaka RV  Park. Colorful. Can't miss it. Even if you can't read Spanish you can figure out what he does. 
Circle K's are starting to show up in this area. Both in Guaymas and San Carlos. Going to give OXXO a run for their money I guess. 
We were driving around Guaymas when we spotted this auto window tinting place. Stopped and talked to him as the two side windows are starting to ripple and one back side window has a big scratch in it. 600 pesos to do all three of them in the really dark tint like they are now. Around US$30 so we made an appointment for 9:00a.m. the next day. We were there but the guy wasn't open yet. When he finally did open he said it would take a couple of hours. I didn't want to sit in his shop and there was no where to walk to around it so we didn't get it done.
Just one of the streets in Guaymas. Pretty narrow. 
No idea, she was headed into a bank. Hope she gives clown performances. or is a mascot of some kind.
Drove down by the harbor. Kind of a pretty old building. Unlike Mazatlan the old buildings aren't being taken care of here. 
Back to San Carlos. Love the scenery around here. Mountains, desert and ocean. 

A shrine on a hillside. 
Some bougainvillea bushes in full bloom on the way to the La Palapa restaurant. 
Haven't been doing much. Watching some TV - today I'll get to watch the race. Get my NASCAR fix. Yesterday as we were coming home from Guaymas we met up with Mike and Laurie - they were our captured tourists for a couple of weeks in Mazatlan. They are on their way home to Prescott, AZ. Spent a while just sitting and talking. 
Then we went out to dinner with our friends who live here full time, Joe and Carol. We went to Chihauhau's. In the patio it is really nicely decorated. Faux brick and windows. The iron work is real. So pretty. 

And since we were here last the masks have been added. 
Had a nice dinner and visit with good friends.
A couple of pictures from my walk this a.m.  Swimming pools for sale. All sizes. 
 The crushed shells and rocks on the beach. Made for hard walking. 
We've changed our plans again. We'll be leaving here tomorrow for Arizona - a 288 mile drive. Sure hope the roads are better then the other day. Then on to home. Got lots of stuff that needs to be taken care of when we get home. 
Watching NASCAR race from Las Vegas. 
So next post should be from Arizona. 


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Safe travels. Let us know how the crossing goes and how long you had to wait.

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