Thursday, March 16, 2017

Another busy day in Amado, AZ

Had another busy day. Started out by having breakfast with our friend from here in Green Valley, Tom. After breakfast we started to go to Verizon, just as Bill was parking I realized I forgot to pick up his phone, the one we can't figure out how to edit. Guess we'll wait until we get home. In the mean time I'll keep working on figuring it out. 
Then we went to the Post Office in Amado. Took us a while to find it. One little corner of a building with a couple of other businesses in it. And no flag outside!
I wonder how long this has been the post office. Looked old. Like something you would see in an old western cowboy town. 
 The post master agreed with me that I filled out the cancellation order of the temporary change of address. Hope we are both right. 
Later on we had to go to grocery store again - I forgot to get my raisin bread...In the parking lot there was a car show going on. Had to stop and walk around. This was a good looking car. Inside, outside and under the hood. Oldsmobile with 442 engine. 
 Check out the car rotating on the disco mirrored thing. 
Looking from the back. 
This looks like it would be fun to ride in. 
 I like this sign. 
 This is cute too. Saw him driving down the road as we were coming into the area. 
 This is really an older persons hobby. No one young here.
 Fuzzy dice and the knob on the steering wheel.  l like the old dash boards. So classy.
After drooling over the cars we stopped and had dinner at TA DA McDonalds! then on home to get ready to leave. 
Was really overcast by afternoon, but still got up to 90. Then the wind came up. Got really really windy. 
So far this a.m. - it isn't light yet - there doesn't seem to be any wind. Hope it stays that way as we'll be on the road across the desert. But it will be HOT. Next post from Quartzsite.

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