Friday, March 24, 2017

Hobbies are keeping us busy.

Yesterday just slipped by. Still catching up on things from the winter. Finally picked up our mail and sorted it all out. What needed attention got it. Phew that's done. 
Everyone always says to us "Aren't you afraid to go to Mexico?" Well the answer is no, but Vegas is getting scary. 34 homicides already this year. 
Weather has cooled way down, 50 degrees this morning, with highs the rest of the week in mid to low 70's and maybe rain tomorrow. We didn't get any of the rain the other day, just cloudy skies. 
We have spent a few trips to the hobby shop - CLEAR across town from where we live. In the same building complex I discovered this amazing quilt shop. So while Bill was talking airplanes, controllers and radios I stopped in here. OMG. He can spend all the time he wants in the hobby shop as long as I can go here. 
It is huge inside. Lots and lots of material - nice material - a little too nice for me maybe $12.95 a yard material. Same quality I bought in Mexico for $4.90 a meter. But everything I could ever want. They have a teaching room and classes for different things every month. Very friendly staff. Just a couple of pictures of a small part of the space.

Saw these - they are about 8 x 12 and are 3-dimensional! I want to learn how to make them. Drool drool!
I always see something interesting as we drive around town. Eye pleasers. And we got all the way from our house to across town with no orad construction or orange cones. Did run into some on the way home though. A lot of the center dividers are being revamped. Live plants being removed replaced by metal sculptures. These tow are life size across from a golf course. I took the pics the day it was real cloudy and gray out. Will try for better ones next time we go by. 

In this section the plants are metal as is the coyote. I missed the quail and her babies and the raven.
Saw this van parked in a garage while at a stop light. Talk about a close fit. I wonder if he parks it by sound. Or if the driver weighs enough to make it lower when they get in. 
Yesterday's sunrise. This morning it was blah, no clouds. If you're wondering why no sunsets - the are hard to get good pictures of because of the homes on our west side. 
I finished the label for our 8th grand baby's quilt, have to put it on the quilt and decide if I'm gong to quilt more of the quilt. Or leave it like it is. I made the quilt before we left as knew she was coming. 
Our HOA sent us another yearly letter. We need to pull the weeds and fix the roof. Weeds got pulled before we got letter. I don't like them either. We really need to get a new load of rocks. No mention this time about the pine needles or pine cones...Also we need repair on our roof. One corner peeled up during the winter. Have to call the guy to come over and check it out. We have also sprayed the rocks [yard] with weed killer.

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