Thursday, March 9, 2017

Overnight in a truck stop in Los Moches

Woke up early this morning, no need to just did. An interesting sunrise. Not much color but nice. 
 We planned on stopping overnight in a truck stop in Los Moches - of the where El Chapo was caught last fame. So we didn't want to get there too early. What are you going to do in a truck stop right? 
So we went across the street to Torres Resort for breakfast.  The trees reflecting in the pool. It was kind of foggy/hazy out. 
 Looking south towards the islands. Barely see them. 
 It was a little cool and a lot damp out so we sat inside the restaurant looking out at the pool. I had waffles again. And enjoyed every single bite of them. He sat just outside the window watching us the entire time. He never moved. 
 After eating back to the RV park to hook the car up and finish putting things away. Also saying good bye to good friends - until next year God willing. Gassed up Arvi at the station right up the street. Then hit the road at 10:00 Pretty good toll road most of the way to Los Moches. A lot of different trees were in bloom. But between the dust on the windshield and the overcast day the pictures didn't turn out too good. These flowers are bright, bright yellow.
 Oops - glad he wasn't on the road. Only one cop car there. Don't know when it happened. 
 As I said. Good road even has a shoulder.
 I wonder just what they are selling in Dimas on March 19th.
Just one of the SIX - that's right six toll booths in 240 miles. US$60. 
 This tree and several near it had pretty pink blooms. 
 Couldn't figure this out until we got next to him. Looked like it was part of a parade float. Being pulled by a pickup. Sure looked weird. 
 Oranges for sale any one?  Bags of them placed along the shoulders of the highway. How much?
 Guess if you slow down or pull over one of these guys on the other side of the highway comes running over to get the money. 
 Gotta love the toll roads, trucks, topes and tractors. Drive carefully. 
So here we are with the generator running to keep cool and to allow me to go on line. We got here at have lots of time to waste until bedtime. We will go to the restaurant to eat dinner. We are here on the way down and it was good. There we are way back in the back of the lot.
 This is our dinner. We had one half of one order of milensea with fries and a large salad for the two of us. Bill has a good sized piece of meat on his plate, I have a good sized piece of meat and there is an even bigger size of meat still left on the middle right plate . I had ice tea and he gad Fresca - cost - US$10.  And we ave enough meat left for a sandwich tomorrow. talk about big portions. 
 The restaurant - Elba - in the truck stop. Very clean, very nice and good menu breakfast lunch and dinner.
Got cold last night. Not too many trucks here and no  other RVs. 
Have the generator running to warm the place up and to heat the coffee. Will probably get on the road when it is light and less foggy. Tonight we'll be in San Carlos. Dreading the roads between here and there. Maybe they'll be fixed...


Contessa said...

Talk about extremes, first the need to cool the RV and then in the morning the need to heat the RV.

Can you tell me what the Pemex number was and at what km it was at. Always nice to have an alternative stop.

Carol and Bill said...

will email you

Unknown said...

Hi Carol & Bill
This is Mike. I met you briefly in Mazatlan in December. I'm heading north tomorrow and was hoping you might be able to tell me which Pemex this is in Los Mochis. Thanks. Hope all's well in Las Vegas