Monday, March 20, 2017

Las Vegas is a fun town.

Boy I am worn out. We got Arvi unloaded and back in his storage place. Everything is put away here in the house. I've pulled weeds in the yard - gosh forbid they inspect! Yesterday morning up bright and early. Finished unloading before it got hot and put him back in storage. Unfortunately Bill put him back before I got to give it a good cleaning. I do have the rung here and all the shelving out of the refrigerator and all the laundry. Everything is ready to put back except the rug. Forgot about it.
After putting him in storage we went out to breakfast. Passing out main corners I noticed that the metal sculptures that come and go on that corner have changed again. These sunflowers were there when we left but they were scattered not in a bunch. Now they are together. The turtle that was with the big one is gone.
This is unusual. I got decent pictures of them because we HAD to get gas in the Jeep and this was the closest gas station. We have a 20 gallon and Willie took 19.7 gallons. Unleaded is around $2.50 a gallon here in Vegas. 
There used to be a tall tree like sculpture but it is gone and replaced by this smaller one. No idea who puts them there. 
Didn't notice the bird until I was looking at these on the computer. 
From gas station we went to a Radio Control Airfield right by us near Sam Boyd Stadium. The view of the snowy mountains from the air field. I don't think I've ever seen that much snow on them. 
The Radio Control Air field. Yes he is getting interested in that as a hobby. Really nice helpful people there. My bad - going to the Rainbow Garden in Quartzsite with the RC airfield right next to it. Oh Well. 
Then we went to WalMart to restock our refrigerator, freezer and cupboards. Wow. Came home put all that away and continued to do laundry. Sat down to watch the NASCAR race. Thought my favorite driver was going to win - then a caution. At least he finished 3rd. 
Transferred all the info from laptop to my PC. Took over 5000 pictures over the winter. We put around 2300 miles on the jeep, just driving around Mexico. While in Mexico our expenses averaged $69 a day. Includes, campgrounds, fuel both vehicles, meal out [a lot of them], groceries, propane, internet, insurance, vehicle fees, souvenirs, entertainment, toll roads, upholstering RV, and miscellaneous stuff - blouses, parking/washing car, laundry etc. Did not include painting Jeep or work we had done by mechanic. 
And then fell into bed. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Stop are making me tired!!! Glad you are back safe & sound!! Now I can travel around Vegas with you, even on my lunch hour!!

Carol and Bill said...

today I did absolutely nothing