Friday, March 17, 2017

Arizona sunsets.

Good Morning from Quartzsite, AZ. The sunset night before last in Amado AZ. I like the desert sunsets. 
The area around Tucson has some of the prettiest freeway walls. This is in Green Valley. 
 Going through Tucson. Uneventful drive. We left Amado around 8:00. Drove 285 miles and arrived in Quartzsite at 1:30. NO TOLLS - Good road. No wind. But warm. 
The only glitch in the day's travels came in Eloy when we stopped for fuel and to eat breakfast at the Flying J. All went well until we got back to Arvi - No way could we make it around this trailer. He parked while we were inside. The angle of the trailer was just wrong. So Bill went back into the restaurant and the driver of the truck had no problem with moving his truck and trailer up a bit. Soon on our way again. 
Lots and lots of yellow bushes in bloom along the road. 
Almost too many bugs on the windshield to get the camera to focus. I had to hold it next to the glass between bodies to get any pics. Love the Arizona desert.
Just the scenery. 

The bushes all the way up the hills. 
We are in Shady Lane RV park in Quartzsite - 20 dollar a night. Pull throughs and good wifi. We stayed here in the fall too. They will be closed in two weeks until next "season."
After settling in and relaxing for a while we took a ride to the Radio Control part of the park. Bill was enjoying talking about drones and planes. 
I was watching the sunset. 

We stopped to eat before going home - not a good meal for either of us. Cooled down nice at night but this will be another day of over 90.
Yesterday our 7th great grand baby was born. 5 girls and 2 boys so far. Tomorrow we'll head out for home. Hopefully when we get there we'll be able to get in the gate. The gate code rings to our cell phones - will it work with the new phones? No plans for today. 


Dirk Digler said...

Enjoying your pictures and comments. Thank you.

SandyM said...

Nice desert pictures - thanks for sharing

Carol and Bill said...

The desert is one of my favorite places.

Carol and Bill said...

Glad to hear from you again.