Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Just keeping busy last few days here.

We went back to Cerritos beach yesterday morning to see if the store keeper had brought my purse that he said he would get. NOPE. He says he'll be sure to have it next November!!! So bought a different one for another vendor. Not sure I like it. But it will do. When I looked at it in the store it looked dark blue. When I got it outside it looks almost iridescent purple. But the front part is all embroidery so guess it doesn't really matter. Transferred all my stuff into it. The old one was really getting ratty looking.
Then we walked over to the beach, not near as crowded on a Monday and with the tide part way in.  

 From there we drove to the Golden Zone - the main tourist shopping center in downtown - not old town, but where all the hotels and tourists shops are. Saw this set of dishes in a window of an expensive shop. Have never seen anything like them. Really colorful. To get into and out of the shop a guard has to unlock the door. They had mostly jewelry in there so...
 Just walking along popping into and out of little shops. Those are apartments above the shops, One was advertised as for rent. Most of the t-shirts hanging there had nasty sayings on them. Why do people buy them?
 The stairs heading up towards the apartments. Like the tile accent. 

These two boys were about 12 years old, guess they were headed to the beach to try to sell their stuff. Schools were closed because of Carnaval. 
I love this chicken it is about 2 feet tall. So colorful. But way too much money for something so easy to break. 
But these are pretty neat too. Didn't ask the price.
The cat is kind of weird, even for me. 

Love love this. About 18 inches long and about that tall with the guys sitting on top. 5000 pesos around US$ 250. It would go so good with my ford truck Bill bought me last year. 
The other side of it. 
Here in Mexico we are only able to get Mexican TV using our digital antenna. It is so weird, one day we'll get 14 channels - then half way through a program it goes off - no signal. Then we have to do channel search and might only get 2 or 4 channels, none of which are the one we were just watching. Some times moving the antenna makes it better, sometimes it makes it worse. Some times moving the angle of the TV makes it better - weird huh?
We are feeding the  birds still but have discovered if the Jeep is parked facing and near the tree the birds don't come. When the car is facing away from the tree and further away the birds come immediately. Are they afraid of the eagle? 
Went out to dinner last night to Torres with John and Jackie, they were staying there for one night. Always good food and company. 
Some more pictures from the Carnaval parade. Hooray - today is the last day of Carnaval by tomorrow it should be okay to go downtown to old town again. 

Tomorrow we'll have a busy day. Got to pick up my glasses, found the camera repairman and hope he can clean the lens of my new camera. Then out to dinner with John and Shirley, they are on their way back to Idaho. 
Hum...there was something else I wanted to write about but don't remember what it was.

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