Thursday, February 9, 2017

A cool winter this year here in Mazatlan.

So here we are another morning in Mazatlan. Was really foggy for a while but has cleared up an the sun is out now. 
The weather forecast for the next week or so. Check out the lows next week. 
By next Sunday the humidity drops below 60% so so do the temperatures at night. Bill is going to turn into a Popsicle!
I mentioned getting some cinnamon rolls the other day. Here's a picture of the only two left yesterday - the last one will be gone shortly. They are about 3 inches across and 2 inches high. YUM.
We had a stay at home day yesterday. Bill wasn't feeling like going out and about. So we didn't. I'm ashamed to say I didn't even take the opportunity to take a walk. Just vegged out and read. And spent some time on line. Looking up brain aneurysm. I finally managed to get a call through to our 2nd oldest son. And got the straight - I think -  information from him. He is at home, will be seeing his neurologist today, has physical therapy on going. He did not have a stroke. He had a slowly leaking brain aneurysm. It took a couple days of him feeling bad and falling down before his roommate took him to the hospital. He doesn't remember that part. He ended up at one of the best hospitals in Los Angeles - Cedars. Part of his skull had to be removed/lifted? to relieve the pressure and allow the surgeon to fix the bleeding on the left side of his brain/head. He spoke clearly on the phone, He is able to take care of himself as far as fixing food and getting around in the house. And at first had trouble speaking, but that has gone away. He says he still has some numbness in his right hand at times. But not all the time. It has been almost a month since the surgery. He is 56. I sure hope he follows doctors directions. 
So don't know if I feel better or worse after talking to him. 
Our campground rent is paid up to the 8th of March, So we will start heading north then. 


Barb said...

Glad to hear your son is improving quickly. That is a good sign.


Carol and Bill said...

Thank you.