Monday, February 13, 2017

What else we did Saturday

After we got home from El Quelite We continued checking out things around Mazatlan. We drove out to the Cerritos area. That's where we go to watch the fishermen. Also took John and Jackie through the RV park there. They found it very interesting. Just one of the many murals on one of the RV sites
 Another RV getting "built in." Most of the RVs there can't go anywhere as they are under palapas and have brick walls built all around them. Here is one getting a palapa. Guess he'll have to move his satellite dish to the ground. Don't think it will pick up a signal through the palapa 
 The tide was out quite a ways, haven't seen this much beach here for a while. All the boats were in up on the sand. Guess you cant eat out on the sand if you want too. 
 A couple of musicians trying to drum up work. Saw them walking down the road later so guess no one was interested in music. 
 I bought a couple of new blouses.. A red and a blue one with the fronts decorated with hand embroidery. Forgot to take a picture of them. 
That night Bill decided he wanted pizza so we headed for the pizza/sports bar in the Marina. This girl and her attendants were having photographs taken, Beautiful time of day to do it. The sun was just going down. 
 The girls all had on sparkly silver high heels. Some with red soles. Look at the hair on the girl at the bottom left. Wow.
 I like the little girls dress. I wonder if they rent them or buy them. 
 Walking along the marina to get to La Mona. Some nice boats out there. 
 The restaurant. We used to go there a lot to watch soccer games, but haven't this year. It seems to be bigger than before, more tables outside. And the pizza is very good. Wood fire cooked. Very thin crust but not hard and dry.
 Sunset over the marina. 
 Just some reflections in the very still water. 

 There were fireworks going off, This is the best picture I managed to get. You can see all the smoke from the earlier ones. 
 Passing La Mona again on the way back to the car. 
Yesterday we did not do a thing. Stayed home all day. Watched the Carnaval Queen being picked and crowned on TV. Quite a production. Bill has moved the antenna so now we get about 7 different channels.


Doug and Nancy said...

Love the new header picture!!!!

Contessa said...

Great sunset and firework shot. Not easy to do.