Friday, February 3, 2017

More from San Blas

Thought I would leave the trip home from Tepic until another day. We've been out and about in San Blas quite a bit lately. 
Don't remember which night this was, but thought it was pretty. 
 Work continues on the road between El Chaco and San Blas. Every day a little more gets done. Flag man in his politically uncorrect hat. 
Abruptly the paved part ends or begins depending on which way you are going. Either way you are suddenly in the wrong lane. Okay during the day - scary at night. 
 Same thing on the other end. suddenly in wrong lane. The stones across the pavement keep cars off  it - or any way it is supposed to.  Have pulled up onto old part to discover a car coming on our right off the new pavement at war speed.
We were headed into town for breakfast. Our regular breakfast restaurant was closed - the cook was ill. So we went to McDonalds Restaurant to eat. 
 All the tables are colorful tiles.
Looking into the restaurant. As always very colorful. Bill had an omelet and I had scrambled eggs and bacon. 
 Back outside walking down the street to our car. A restaurant/bar right across from the plaza. 
 More of the all white buildings. Don't know why they are white. Guess that was the least expensive color to use. And it does look strange. See all the motorcycles and bikes. 
Buying breaded chicken filets - raw. Got a bunch will freeze them in batches. 
 Bill was buying I was people watching. Two little girls in their school uniforms. 
Bicycles are the favored mode of transportation. One, two or three to a bike.
Moms and children School had just let out. Uniform pants on the little boy. 

 Common to see three or four on a moto. 
The little boy got off and bought the chicken. Mom stayed on bike with daughter. 

 Lots and lots of bicycles and motos. Makes driving crazy. Never know where one will pop out. 
Statue in the plaza. Commemorating birthday of man who helped liverate the town from the Spanish in early 1900s.
 Work continues in the plaza. The new retaining walls. 

Old walls/seats on the left, new ones on the right.
Using a sledge hammer to take down the old ones. Plastering the new ones. 
 Smoothing out the new plaster. 
Mixing the new cement/plaster. 
One the way home we passed this school. Two young men were beginning a new mural of bitds. More on it in next post.
We stopped on the way home to watch the crocodiles - next post. 


Unknown said...

Hi Carol. Was the yellow restaurant McDonalds? If so I like it much better than the ones in the US. I am going to also visit Tepic when I get to Mazatlan. Seem like there are so many smaller towns not too far from Mazatlan. Again, I love your pics.

Contessa said...

Just LOVE that sunset shot. Now if I can only remember who was asking me about siteseing in was just the other day. Great posts.

Carol and Bill said...

We have been going to Tepic since 1978 - it was a small town then. Now the traffic is horrid. But there is a lot to see there. A lot of history.

Carol and Bill said...

The restaurant McDonalds in San Blas is a real restaurant owned by a man named McDonald. Nothing to do with the chain in US The McDonalds fast foods all look exactly like you would find in US and taste exactly the same. Let me know when you get ready to go to Tepic there are a couple things there you shouldn't miss.