Friday, February 17, 2017

More Valentine's Day from El Quelite

The Deer Dance, or La Danza del Venado, is a native Yaqui Dance from the northern Mexican state of Sonora. Their traditional territory continues into southern Arizona following the Sonoran desert. Dancers reenact a dramatic deer hunt to honor the natural world and the white tail deer, both who provide for most all the Yaqui’s needs. The Deer Dance has no European influence and has changed very little over the centuries. The dance is highly respected for its inherent ritual, primal and spiritual qualities.    

 Wish these photos turned out better. Pretty impressive outfit. 

After an enjoyable time we had to go back home. 
 One of the days this week we went to El Centro to an old home that is now a political office. Our friend Roberto, on the right, was going to be nominated for office of some type here in Mazatlan. 
 The outside of the building. 
 Big open patio inside it. Even had caterers for the gathering.
 They are making tortillas.
We didn't stay for the whole meeting as Bill had an appointment with a young lady in the mall. Oh! I want one of these. He is about 3 1/2 feet tall. US$370.
 And check out these, the lights keep changing colors. US$56.
 Hum...a kiosk selling all kinds of radio control toys. What do you suppose he is looking at?
 See the little white thing in the middle of the picture. It is a small drone. It takes videos as it flies. 
 And look who is getting a lesson on how to fly it. 
 Um...remember the small drone? Well this one is a little bigger and it takes videos and photographs.And this one seems to be in Arvi. 
After flying it around a little outside Bill decided he needed more lessons so back to the mall. Actually we had to go to the mall to renew our Internet GBs anyway. 
By the time we left the mall it was getting towards dinner time so we stopped at a new for us restaurant right in the Golden Zone. Centenario for dinner. Very nice place, good service and good food. It was starting to fill up as we left. 
So that is how we've been keeping busy the last few days. 
Today to centro to the quilt shop. And then???


Nancy said...

Such coloful pictures!! Love the Mexico "decor" and lifestyle---thanks for sharing all of your fun activities!!

Contessa said...

You bought a drone!!! WOW!

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you for enjoying them.

Carol and Bill said...

Now he has to learn to fly it. Not as easy as the girl made it look.