Sunday, February 19, 2017

What kind of food do you want?

Yesterday we did nothing. Didn't even uncover the car all day. Bill fixed breakfast, I posted the blog and fed the birds and that was it.
About 10:00  last night it began to pour and rained till 7:00 this morning. Just getting light enough out to take a picture, lots of water in the campground. But it didn't get as cold last night as it has been getting. 
 By 8:00 the sun was out and the ground already drying up. Now at 9:30 it is mostly clear sky. Rain should be over. 
Because we didn't go any where yesterday to take pictures I thought I'd share some of the pictures I've taken of the food that is available as you walk along the street. This is one from December when we were walking along the area where the divers are. It is lined with food carts. Pancakes, cooked bananas and pigs in a blanket. Wieners with tortilla around them called here - Sachitacos. All kinds of things to add to them. Sweets for the pancakes, salsas, peppers and condiments for the chips and wieners. 
 These stands were set up by the Cathedral on the Virgin of Guadalupe day. Boiled and roasted corn on the cob or cut off the cob and put in a container. Again all kinds of hot sauce to add to them. And mayonnaise and chili.
 Across the street from the Cathedral this man was selling gorditas, fat corn cakes. They can be cut open and jelly, caramel or cream added to them. He was also selling popcorn and something deep fried. 
 Another day this lady was selling gorditas next to the central market. They are made with corn flour and have a very slight sweet taste to them.
 All around the central market there are food carts in the street. Some a mini restaurants with tables and seats. Almost all of them have someone eating at them.
 Fresh fruit whole or cut up and put in containers. Also soda pop a big selling item. 
 This is a candy and nut stand. Bill likes their candied nuts. Each stand is in a certain place daily. Except for holiday or special events. They have to have permits and are even inspected for cleanliness. 
 More candy and bagged snacks.  
 He is selling unshelled peanuts. 
 Here we have bags of marshmallows. You can get them in white, pink or blue or a mixture. 
 The fresh fruit stand again cut up and in containers or whole. Across the street is the central market you can see the sit down food carts there. Some sell hot food. 
 More candy, nuts and coconut balls. 
 He is deep frying pork.  In the restaurant behind it you can get breakfast and meals for 49 Pesos - US$2.40. Includes water refills, but does not apply to water to go. 
The other day I posted about the raspados pulmonia and the ice cream stand. All of these stands are packed up and taken down at night. Some are push carts that are literally pushed up the street to home. Others are taken completely apart and loaded in to a pick up truck bed. And some are wagons that are pulled by a vehicle or a bicycle. All take a lot of effort to set up and take down. Some have propane for cooking, some have blocks of ice for cooling. Others run off of electricity where available, others have a small generator. We even saw one with cables running from the cars battery to the stand for lighting. 
Are you hungry yet? None sell anything like you'd fine at Taco Bell. McDonalds has little stands that sell only soft ice cream cones. As does Thrifty Ice Cream. Remember the ice cream from Thrifty Drugstores from long ago?


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing. I have always loved the smells and taste of the food in Mexico. Just walking down the streets enjoying the sights is lots of fun

Janet said...

Wow, it really rained! Looks like Willies cover is doing a good job.

Doug and Nancy said...

Awesome job, Carol!!!!! I always enjoy the posts but have particularly enjoyed the past few days. The food theme, the colour theme, the fabrics. Outstanding job!! It just never gets old for me. Love, love, love it. Every market trip, I can hear the vendors, smell the smells, hear the sounds. I know where you park Willie, where Bill and you are always pointing out the neat things to see. We miss it SO much. Thanks for letting us come, off to work tomorrow. And yes, I read it at work too, usually several times a day!! Hugs.

Carol and Bill said...

Some of the hardest rain I've ever seen here. Cleaned all the dust off the plants. Today is beautiful.

Carol and Bill said...

After being here so many years it is hard to think up things, new things to take pics of and to write about. Especially if we haven't been anywhere. Will go to Centro today to see about the fabric.

Carol and Bill said...

Every where you go there is some kind of food for sale.