Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Colors from the Central Market

As we strolled through the Central Market the other day I thought it would be fun to share all the colors with everyone. Wish I could share the sounds and smells too. Many different languages being spoken, Vendors hawking their wares. "Lady, you need a new dress?" "Buy from me, almost free.". The strolling musicians. Either with their instruments or a boom box. Playing and singing. Children laughing. Butchers cutting up meat. Almost too much to take in.
And the smells of the fresh produce, the cut up meat and chicken. Perfume and perspiration. The smell of the leather goods and even the clothing has a distinct smell. The whole experience can be almost over powering if it is crowded. 
But today just the colors and variety of items for sale. I got the idea for this when I was standing next to this pile of colorful blankets. 
 Then I looked up at the sign for the sombreros. 
 A show cased full of ceramic trinkets. 
 And lots of different puppets. We bought so many of them through the years when the kids were young. 
 Decoration for dresses or hair pieces.
 A variety of dresses - all styles and colors. "A dress lady? A dress for you."
 One of the many small restaurants throughout the market. Most of them very busy.
 Banners and flags strung across the wide aisles. Lots of signs advertising what is for sale. The market is a full block big. 
There are sections for meat, fish and chicken and pork. Produce sections, Trinket sections, clothing sections and dry goods. If you can't find it here you probably don't need it. Fresh newly cut up meat. 
 This place has hot sauces and spices. 
 Bright yellow chicken feet and pieces. 
 All kinds of fresh fish laying on ice. 
 More big pieces of fish. No sign but maybe tuna? Even the bags are colorful. 
 One of the many produce stands. They smell so good. The tomatoes actually smell like tomatoes. Again the colorful bags.
 Packages strawberries, watermelon, papaya, jaimaca. Each with their lime and or chili. 
 Cooked bananas, colored coconut balls, sweet potatoes caramelized. 
 And many colorful displays of pinatas hanging from the ceiling. 
Baseball caps, any color, any team or any symbol. And a few purses. 

More dresses and beach cover ups. 
 Lots of purses and carry all bags with a hammock chair too.
 This is the most popular shirt in Mazatlan this year. Everyone seems to be wearing one.
 No idea looks like some kind of bingo game, but it wasn't for sale. 
 A little girls colorful skirt and blouse with some beads added for more color. 
 More fruit. The cut pieces are wrapped in plastic wrap so the prices can be written on them. The star fruit is rather expensive at US$2 each. 
 Dried and sugared fruit. Kiwi, mango, pineapple and papaya. 
 Colorful chilies - buy as much as you need. 
And several booths of candy and other sweets. 
 Flip flops, what color do you want?
 After all that shopping a stop for an ice cream cone would be nice. 
 More of the colorful coconut for sale. 
You could spend a whole day in the market, I've only shown small parts of it. 
Hope you enjoyed your stroll. 
Yesterday we went to El Quelite again and were fortunate enough to be there for a great show - horses, folkloric dancers and Native dancers. Still have to sort through my many photos. 


SandyM said...

These are great pictures, Carol. The colors, sights and smell of the market - you covered it all.

Unknown said...

These pictures are so much fun to see. Don't you think that Mazatlan has a lot more to offer than Las Vegas? It's so great that you can spend your time between the two places.

Carol and Bill said...

There is a lot to do and see in Vegas, it is just that when we get home we get into a rut and don't do anything.

Carol and Bill said...

Thanks - it is fun to go through.

Contessa said...

Those large pieces of red fish are smoked marlin.

SandyM said...

I had wondered that also, Contrssa, thanks for clearing that up for me