Sunday, February 5, 2017

Crocodiles, birds and murals.

Yesterday was not a really good day. We didn’t leave the RV park. There was no way I could get the pictures or the blog uploaded no matter how long I tried. Just no juice. Also the power went off in the RV park – probably the whole area for a short time. Lots and lots of people on the beach and a couple more RVs pulled into the park. Lots of traffic on the beach – loaded pickups.
There was a rather nice sunset last night. Lots of birds in the sky and the puffs from the rocket blasts.

But back to a couple of days ago. Coming back from San Blas we stopped at a pull out on the road where there is an area to observe the crocodiles. When we were here a year ago it was just a dirt pull off with signs saying to stay out of the water. Since then the area has been fenced off, an awning and tables and chairs added and even porta potties.
Looking over the railing at a very still crock. I wondered at first if it was stuffed just to add fun.
Another one further down the beach.
Looking out over the lagoon – Snacks on the water.
Not a birder so no information just a picture.
Looking another direction over the water and the quiet crock.
The tables and chairs are really neat. Very colorful with great pictures on them.
I guess he isn’t stuffed he opened his mouth.

Now this looks like a buffet table. That is a REALLY big crock just floating there checking out his dinner.
My what big teeth you have.
And here comes another one to check out the buffet.
There was a man selling cocos helados [coconuts – the top is cut off and hole made to get to the milk.]

Bill bought me one. To me it tasted a little strange, not what I expected. A little acidy but good. Another thing to check off my list.
The snacks are getting closer to the big crock. There are two of them floating just under the water in this picture.
He caught my eye when he spread his wings. Is he teasing the crocks? I think I’d remain pretty still around them.

Um…watch where you walk!
After I drank all the coconut milk I wanted, the vendor poured the rest of the milk into a plastic bag and then cut the coconut in half. He then used a special tool to take the meat out of the shell. It is a heavy metal with a flat spoon looking end for cutting the meat and a good sized handle to hang on to it. Didn’t realize the meat was so hard to get out.
One side is done, working on the other. For people who want it there is hot sauce and chili to put on the coconut meat after it is cut up. No thanks.
All cut out. He told us not to wash the meat as it would take away the flavor. And that the meat is very clean as it has been in the coconut.
Cutting it up, notice the plastic over his hand. He suggested I put lemon juice and salt on it – I declined the offer.
Putting the pieces in a bag for me to take. So we left with a little bag of coconut milk, which to my surprise was as clear as water and a little bag of coconut pieces. I had one piece there. Tasted pretty good. Took them home and put them in frig. Later found out they should be eaten right away, got slimy. Ick.
Another trip into San Blas we went past the wall of the school that was getting the mural painted on it. They have made quite a bit of progress. This time we stopped so Bill could talk to the painters, they are art students and are paint the birds by looking at pictures of them from a birders pamphlet.
A closer look. They are also putting geometric designs for interest and color on the wall.
 Another interested spectator.
 A even closer look. All their paint and equipment on the sidewalk.
The big figures are sketched out first.
It is supposed to be done by today. And they have another wall by the museum that they are going to do.
I mentioned that Saturday wasn’t a good day. It was very, very humid out which really bothers Bill. He had a hard time breathing all day and spent most of it in bed. And later on we found out that our second oldest son had a stroke. He was taken to the hospital about three weeks ago. Had to have part of his skull cut open to relieve the pressure. We weren’t told until a day ago as there wasn’t anything we could do anyway so the brothers decided not to let us know until the worst part was over. He is now home and resting. He’s 56.  Our oldest son called him yesterday and texted me that he will be okay.  He doesn't seem to be impaired.We will try to call him today when we go into town where the cell reception is better.

Today we have to go into Aticama to get our mocha coffee and then into San Blas to get Bill's hat bands and a couple more things I want to pick up. Depending on he feels if we'll do anything else . Have to get the RV ready to go on the road again. Then Monday we will head back to Mazatlan where hopefully it isn’t as humid so Bill will feel human again. 


SandyM said...

Carol, Bill, very sorry to hear of the ill health of your son - it does sound like he is making a terrific recovery. Nice sunset pictures. Safe traveling.

Doug and Nancy said...

Wow, we are sending our good thoughts to you all, Carol & Bill. Hope your son recovers quickly as can be. I know you will feel better when you talk to him.

We look forward to your posts everyday. I read them on my lunch at work and then again at home in the evening. Thanks for letting us travel along with you....

Janet said...

Glad your son is on the road to recovery. The humid heat is really hard on you, I like LaPenita but it is just too hot and wet. I think Maz has the best weather. Alligators, interesting from a distance!

Tom said...

Hmm, that is a surprise about the Croc lookout. It is a good birding spot. Your unknown bird is a Double-crested Cormorant. The dancing bird is a Reddish Egret. Hope your son is doing well.

Contessa said...

o very sorry to hear about your son. What great kids you have to not worry you at the time of crisis. Hope all is well for him very soon.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you for the good thoughts. And for keeping up with us. Miss you guys.

Carol and Bill said...

It is really cool here in Mazatlán the high for the next 10 days will be 78 - and a couple lows in mid 50s. Bill is unhappy about that. At least he can breathe here.

Carol and Bill said...

A lot more birds in San Blas this year then there have been the last couple of years. Even saw some pink spoonbills from a distance but going to fast to catch a picture of them.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you for commenting. It is hard to have someone ill when so far away.

NormSusan said...

So sorry to hear about your son but glad that he is on the mend. We will say prayers for his continued recovery. Try not to worry too much and travel safe.