Saturday, February 11, 2017

Strange weather here this year.

Another day is kind of gray Mazatlan. Really weird weather this year. There was off shore fog most of yesterday, about 3:00 it moved inland some. Couldn't see the high rise across the street for a while.But yesterday morning this was our view. Blue skies and green trees. Just looking back behind Arvi. 
 From the day before when we went to WalMart to get the car cover. A Mazatlan taxi - At least no one could fall down it was packed tight. 
 Our first time putting the car cover on - backwards. Last night we followed directions. went on much easier and looks right.
 We met our friends and went for lunch at the Plazuela Machado. The traffic over by it was horrendous. Lots of closed roads and all the parking lots were full. On a Friday at noon? After parking we discovered the state governor and the mayor of Mazatlan were giving a speech in the theater by the plaza. 
Believe it or not I didn't take one picture while at the plaza. Just got talking  and eating and forgot. No I take that back I tried to get a picture of the Carnaval statue there but the sun was in the wrong place. It looks like Bugs Bunny as a bad dream. 
Still working on planting the palm trees. Here they were loading the old torn out trees on to a flat bed. All traffic at a complete stop/.
While sitting waiting I noticed this new mural. This place used to have all kinds of fish painted on it. Now cartoon figures??? Part of the building at least is still a fish market. 
 The area where they are planting has many, many wires of some sort going in all directions. All above ground. Makes me wonder what they are all for and where will they end up eventually. Underground, Or through the trees. 
 Planting a tree. shoveling the dirt in and stamping it down with their feet. 
 And as always, Red light entertainment. Light is about to change and she is asking for tips. 
Spent the rest It is already 8:00 a.m. and no sign of the sun, really overcast. We are going into El Quelite for breakfast. Hope it is warmer and brighter there. 


Unknown said...

Hi Carol It's too bad that the weather isn't cooperating. Makes things a lot nicer when it is weather is warm and sunny.
What's your opinion? I am thinking of coming to Mazatlan mid Nov and thinking
of staying at the La Siesta hotel above the Shrimp Bucket Restaurant. Do you think thats s good idea or do you have a better suggestion It's about $40 anight. Thanks,

Carol and Bill said...

Mid November should be great weather wise. And a hotel in that area will put you within walking distance of old town, the central market and plaza machado. Sounds like a good price.

Anonymous said...

when we had a timeshare at La Marina El Cid...our second home was the Hotel La Siesta. i think it is the best one in Mazatlan.