Sunday, February 26, 2017

Bill is worried about my mental health!

Maybe he should be. We have been busy and I have been taking pictures but have not felt like blogging. No reason except that I didn't feel like it. Some days the words just don't want to go from head through fingers to blog. (Maybe they still don't, in that sentence I misspelled three words.)
Any Way. 
This is one of the few times we've seen the iguana at Torres Hotel. The weather has just been too cool for them to come out. Don't remember him looking so old and skinny. 
Watched the birds for a while in the morning. See the one hanging upside down. Even they seemed out of sorts - several confrontations among them.
So pretty. 
The birds at Torres restaurant are very clever. A waiter made a mistake and didn't put a sugar container under cover. As soon as his back was turned this guy took advantage of it. See how many packets he has picked up. 
He dropped a bunch of them, can just see them by table leg on left corner. He took the one in his mouth and flew away, the other bird was checking out what was on floor. 
For the last few days I've had the "Isn't it time to go home yet?" feelings. There are a few things keeping us here. I've ordered new computer glasses, they won't be ready until next week. Our friends from San Blas will be heading north and stopping here for ribs next week and the mechanic is coming by next week to change the oil in the Jeep and Arvi. By the time all that is done it will be the weekend next week and we don't like to drive on the weekends. Lots of people will still be going home from the Carnaval week. 
 Surprised to see the mist here. 
Speaking of Carnaval it has started. Driving into old town yesterday we went past the area where today's parade will pass. Lots of bleachers have been put up. It was really sunny and warm at the RV park.
Lots of people have put out their chairs marking "their spot" to watch the parade. Some were already sitting in them. They rotate people from the family throughout the day and night. It is okay for families to use their own chairs. 
Guess the helmets are marking someone's spot. See the hat vendor with all his merchandise on his head. He should be making a lot of sales as the mist burns off. 
Several time along the Malecon traffic bogged down because of police cars stopped at the curb. What were they doing? They were confiscating chairs. It is not permitted to put chairs out and then rent them to people. How do the chair renters get around that? They either say they are all for their family, which is not always believed, or a little cash passes from hand to hand. The TV news is making it into a big story.. 

Guess this group is even going to have a sun shade. No one bothers the chairs that are there. The parade is tonight, we'll be watching on TV - away from the crowds. 
Our normal route into town is all blocked off due to Carnaval activities - drinking and partying and dancing. Have never seen this before. Looks like the building is abandoned.
Another one I haven't noticed before. It is prettier than the picture. Sun was wrong and I was slow seeing it.
Heading down the hill towards Centro - three colorful homes in a row. 
This is a day care center.
Our favorite parking lot was closed, so we headed to our next favorite. Couldn't get into it either as the propane truck was blocking the road. Even the tiny lot we've seen driving past it was closed. But we did pass this wall with graffiti. 
As we passed this street I noticed a parking sign. The red sign with the E - so we turned down the street and found a parking structure that was open. And inside. And with room. It is only two blocks from the Central Market. Have to remember it is here. With the yellow house at the end of the street it will be easy to find. 
Went to the Central Market and Bill got a couple more shorts that he likes. Walking back towards the plaza we stopped to watch this woman making a colorful basket. 
Looks complicated to me. 
And stopped to listen to the flute/guitar player. And I got a CD this time. Haven't played it yet. But has some neat music on it. 
The pigeons sitting in the tree and on the roof of the government building, waiting for some one to buy feed for the. 
Stopped at the optometrist and ordered my glasses. They will be ready Wednesday. At least by then Carnaval will be over and hopefully the street will be open. Last night there was a big fireworks display out over the ocean, we could here it from here and see the high ones going off. About 8 miles away!
My laptop has been giving me more problems. Some days I can't get into my email at all. Other days it is fine. Then one day my videos wouldn't play, just got green screen. That comes and goes. Also get a lot of "cannot load that page" but next time I try it works fine. Grrrr. Also something happened to my phone! - cannot be used. Thank goodness we brought our other phone. I sent the number to it to our kids but forgot to mention it was me. Got a couple of "Who is this?" return emails. 
Lots of RVs have been passing through the park on their way home. 
To improve my mental health we went out to dinner last night. Even had drinks. Here is the waiter delivering my drink. He has to come down stairs! First alcohol since we've been here. 
It was a Miami Vice - pina colada and strawberry daiquiri in same glass. Had to look up spelling of both drinks. 
Serving the table next to us. He had about four drinks in his hands that he served first. Then he kneels down so the customer can take the glass off his head 
And guess who else had one. He recorded a 2nd drink - then took my almost empty one and I got the full one. I could not finish it so got a "to go" cup for it. Enjoyed it after getting home. 
Mental health is improved. Another sunny but cool day is expected. I'll keep track of the Daytona race and we'll watch the parade. Bill cooked a great breakfast. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

We've been laying low too, just poaching around. Packing today for move tomorrow.

Another phone bites the dust!!

Unknown said...

Hi Carol, sorry that you are feeling kind of down. I am sad that you are leaving Mazatlan soon, but maybe you will feel better when you get home. You also entertain me with your Las Vegas pics and info.
I love Mazatlan, you see so many things that you don't see in the US
Anyway, thanks for doing your blog when you feel up to it

Doug and Nancy said...

You can't leave, because if you guys leave then that means "we" all have to leave!! However, home is always good to get back to!!

We are sitting watching NASCAR, looking out at a new dusting of snow. Very unusual for White Rock and the Vancouver area. And you know how much we LOVE the cold.......It will be gone by the end of the day but we miss MEXICO and you both!!!

Carol and Bill said...

See you at 6!

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you again for reading. That's why I keep blogging.

Carol and Bill said...

Not a good day for Kyle #18 - for the life of me I don't understand the new point system. Glad Kurt won. It is finally warming up here.