Thursday, February 16, 2017

El Quelite Valentine's Day Festivities

A wonderful day dawned for Valentine's Day. John and Jackie met us here at the RV park and we headed up to El Quelite again for breakfast and we hoped entertainment. Usually on Valentine's Day there was something going on there. 
The Doctor who owns the restaurant has put up a big billboard of the mural at the beginning of the road into El Quelite. Picture doesn't do it justice. 
A new arrangement in the restaurant, I thought the rooster was alive.
The peacock is alive. His colors are amazing. He is eating "my" gorditas that Bill insists on feeding him. He is not fond of tortilla.

This elderly man is almost always here. He sits in his chair and sings. Or eats. Or sleeps. But he sings so quiet you can barely hear him. 
Just walking through.
This cabinet is in the back room. It was back in this room that long tables were being set up overlook the very back room or patio room. Where the beautiful murals are. In the patio cameras were being set up and a wooden stage was being put down. Hummmm???
We asked one of the waitresses and she told us a big tour group would come in and there would be Folkloric dancing, but it would be about 45 minutes until it began. So we decided to walk around town a bit. He was being entertained by this little girl. 
Having fun. 
Oh, look at that - the tour group. Think we can blend in? Yep no problem. 
See the baby donkey. As the group stopped here admiring the cactus and a gift shop we caught up to the Doctor who owns the restaurant. 
He introduced us to this wonderful charming woman. She is 85, has 24 children and 105 grandchildren. That is the Doctor in the green shirt. 
As we continued walking we passed this green house and discovered this horse and rider. He was waiting until the tour group reached the corner. 
Bill and John admiring a house "they helped build" a couple of years ago. 
 Pointing to where they threw bricks up to the guys who were building it. They found out it wasn't as easy as the workers made it look. 
 The old and the new, car, motorcycle, wheel barrel and horse.
As the group neared the corner the music began and the horse and ride appeared. 

The tour organizers were taking pictures of the group with a drone. Guess everyone will want to buy a DVD of their tour. More about drones later - can you guess?
 By now people were talking to us as if we belonged with the group. Watching the horse dance. 
 Heading back to the restaurant. Horse, donkeys and people bringing up the rear.
We held back until all the tourist were sitting at their tables and ordering their meals. Then we found places to watch the show.  You can see the dance floor. Is that Bill hiding behind the bush?
 Two happy men. 
 Announcing the beginning of the show. 
Because of the light and shadows it was hard to get really clear pictures or videos. 

Turn the sound on and enjoy. 

And then they came back out to do another dance.

The show continued from here but I'll save the rest until tomorrow.
All in all  it was a wonderful day. 


John Boisvenue said...

Hi Carol, loved the pics of Bill and I, hope you don't mind that I took a copy. I was LMAO.
Great shots.

Mark said...

Hmmmm, could Bill be getting a drone.......

Carol and Bill said...

Hum...seems like there was someone else in the pictures with Bill! I thought about writing dirty old men but thought better of it.

Carol and Bill said...

How did you guess!