Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Fun things and colorful things in Maztlan

Happy Valentines Day
Yesterday was a fun day. Bill and I kind of just wandered around enjoying the day. Here is the weather forecast for the next six days. Notice Saturday and Sunday! Rain!
 We started out the kind of gloomy day at the Torres restaurant. Torres is a time share vacation place. Just the little bird thought he was included in the meal plan.
 I had no plan in mind when taking pictures today. Mostly just of fun and colorful things we passed as we headed to centro. Had a plan for when we got there. I had found an ad for a quilt shop there. Quilt shop? So we were in search of it. The bus has an advertisement for the restaurant we always go to in El Quelite. The caricature is the face of the owner.
 And then of course we had to pass Senior Frogs with the happy frogs out front.
 Just past the main Malecon and the fishermen's monument there is a new sign. When heading towards centro it is on the wrong side of the road. We only see the back of it and it is usually crowded with people taking pictures. Well today there was no one there and Bill pulled over in one of the few open parking spaces along the way. So jumped out to take these pictures. It is really a pretty sign. Very colorful and pictures on all the letters. Also the sun was in the right place to get a nice pic.
 Isn't it neat. Next to it is a water playground for kids, a basketball court and an exercise machine area.
 We parked and headed out on foot to find the quilt shop. Just snapped some pictures of different and colorful buildings.
 I especially like the green house.
 A closer look at it.  Interesting details.
Plates and tiles. 
And we found the quilt shop. Guess I should have read the ad better. I knew it opened at 10 - so why wasn't it open?? Well when we got home I reread the ad. Closed Mondays! Oops. Now that we know where it is will for sure go there.
Bill wanted to go to the Central Market to buy another belt so we decided to take different streets than usually to get there. More colorful homes and businesses. 
 A graffiti mural.
 I like Willie's hood better. 
 An old big house that was started and never finished. Last year it was being worked on. It has all new metal gates and balconies. But now it seems no one is working on it. It would be beautiful if it was ever finished. The steeple is all blue mosaic tiles as is the cornice around the top. It is yellow. 
Continuing to walk towards downtown. Nice homes. 
 These are different. 
 This building has doctor's offices in it. 
I love this building. Have never been able to find out what it originally was. Sure is ornate. 

I do know that it sits on the corner where the original water source for the town was. A natural springs. How do I know? Cause there was a sign saying so.  
 Then we passed a tux rental shop. All the boys in yesterdays pictures were wearing suits from here or another place like it. Most that we see seem to be wearing the ones 2nd and 4th from left. Skinny and shiny.
 We are getting closer to the market. Lots of little shops and small restaurants.
 These buckets are used by the guys who wash your car while it is parked in the street and you are shopping. They are being filled with water.  Didn't see the guy but he must be around close.
 A closer look at how the water is directed to the buckets. The faucet goes into a hole in the side of a water bottle. The opening of the bottle is turned so the water flows directly into a bucket. A squashed can is under the bottle to keep it secure. I love seeing things like this. 
We have reached our destination. Belts in the Central Market. Bill bought a black one. 180 pesos - less than US$9. Very nice and soft leather. 
So I'll sign off for now and continue our walk around the market tomorrow. 
Oh yes we also went out for dinner yesterday to...FatFish...for RIBS.
Today we are going to El Quelite again, Just because it is Valentine's Day and it sounds fun. 


Mark said...

Fat Fish for ribs, Oh that hurt. I am jealous. Was nice reading and seeing the pics from a few day's ago. I was saying hey I was there.... I can see that all is well with you two. In the last stages of completing the necessary steps to getting that condo rented for next winter. I hope to have lots of friends and family come to visit so that I can play tour guide for them as you did for me, all be it not as good as you were.
Talk with you soon.

Janet said...

Amazing, I just said was waiting for Fat Fish photo and you posted one! Great pics.

Contessa said...

What a fun day you had. We had a similar walk in Centro yesterday. I will post about it later today.

Carol and Bill said...

Always see something new walking around town.

Carol and Bill said...

Every time someone comes to town have to go to FatFish. And El Quelite.

Carol and Bill said...

Glad you had enough fun here that you want to come back. Where is the condo?

Mark said...

Not far from where you stay. Do you know anything about it.????