Monday, February 20, 2017

Driving here can be tricky

Another day of doing nothing. Morning was was wet but sun came out and dried things up nice. All the plants look so happy without a coating of dust on them. Today we are headed into downtown early hopefully to get some cinnamon rolls and a piece of the skull fabric for a friend. Hope they still have it. 
Sitting around for the last couple of days doing nothing I kept thinking about heading home this week. We still have a little over two weeks of rent left but...Then this morning when I got up the sun is bright, the sky is blue and we have something to do today. So guess we'll be staying here for a little bit. Though I will miss three NASCAR races. First non points race of the year was yesterday. The #18 came in 2nd. Maybe Daytona will be on Mexican TV as Daniel Suarez is now racing in the Cup series. 
Speaking of cars. Do you think Willie, the Jeep is spoiled. This is his blankie to go over the hood. It is very soft fleece. It goes under the car cover . 
 Here he is covered in anticipation of the rain. One corner of the blankie is hanging out over the front wheel. 
My poinsettia is doing good. Getting all kinds of new green leaves. When we leave I give it to some one here as it won't live in Vegas. Also the border guards frown on bring plants into the US. 
Saw this sign the other day thought it was interesting. If the plan doesn't work change the plan, but continue with the goal."
A stand of in old town. This area is for tourist bus parking when the boats are in. One bus is parked and behind it is a taxi taking up the space that the 2nd bus should go into. Behind the 2nd bus is a whole string of regular buses that are clogging the narrow street. The two guys in the white shirts are traffic cops. One is telling the taxi to move. Every bus in line is blowing his horn. 
 Still trying to get the taxi to move. It is now blocked in and it will take much maneuvering on his part to get out. Cars have now been added to the mixture see them next to the white bus. More horns blowing. 
 Lots of traffic jammed up because of one taxi. He finally got out, the tour bus pulled in and everyone else could go on their way. They are also blocking an intersection with a signal, so cross traffic is also backed up and blowing their horns. Glad we were walking. 
Back in the car. This is center of downtown next to the Central Market. This is where most  the buses were headed. A major stop. Some of the buses are really colorful. There are two types the 8 peso bus and the 10 peso bus. The 10 peso bus has air conditioning. The 8 Peso bus leaves it windows and sometimes its door open. The buses are pulled over taking on passengers. Traffic manages to squeeze past them - most of the time. 
More traffic police. trying to keep the traffic moving around the buses. 
And a little more construction going on. As you come down the street you see two orange cones One on each side of your lane and right in the middle a newly painted white arrow. Looks like traffic is supposed to go between the cones. OOPS - not so. Big hole in street. Lots of sudden changing of lanes. Later when we went by there had been a third cone added in front of the hole. Like I said, driving here is always interesting. 
Wonder what well see today in our travels. 


Unknown said...

boy I think I would want to stay away from the tour groups and cruise groups
arol, it sounds like you are getting a little homesick. I is nice that you are able to travel between Vegan and Mazatlan. You are probably missing your family too. I am sad to see
you leave because I love all your pics and great info

Carol and Bill said...

it is actually fun to go to town or the golden zone when the cruise ships are in - there is so much going on then.
we've decided to stay here until our rent is up on the 8th of March. And we'll probably be keeping busy till then.

Unknown said...

good, glad to here that you are staying awhile. I enjoy your daily adventures plus all the nice people you get to visit with Mexicans and others