Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Trip up the hill to the city of Tepic Part 1

Yesterday, Tuesday, we decided to see how Willie the Jeep was working. Just great - only a couple of small clinks over rough parts of the road. Below is a map of our 100 trip. We started at 1 El Chaco, went up the northern highway #2. This is the way we will be leaving and Bill wanted to check it out. Road was pretty good so will have no problem with the RV. Then the 15D to the city. 
I took so many pictures in and around Tepic that I'll split this up into 2 or 3 parts.
 On the road between El Chaco and the road to Tepic. Watering down the dust - I put my window up. They are working on it pretty fast. 
 Still have a short part that is on gravel. Maybe by Monday it will be paved. 
 Heading inland up the hill to Tepic. The scenery around here is amazing. So much tropical vegetation. 
Going through a tunnel of trees. Remember these George?
 Just a pretty plant
 We went through several small towns, some with only one or two buildings. But all had their topes And fruit/vegetable stands. No lack of fresh produce around here. The big green things on the ground are called Yaka - breadfruit. 
A lady waiting to cross the street at a tope. She knows the vehicles have to slow down there. 
 One of the few building in one of the small towns.
Another building. Not sure why the weird second floor. 

 Looking out over the landscape. Those are all mango trees and or banana plants. 
Up on to the toll road the 15D. Cleaning up the side of the road. With brooms and a wheelbarrow.
 The entrance to the new bypass around Tepic. We stayed on the old road. 
An overloaded sugar cane truck broke down beside the road. They are always loaded to the hilt.  There is a refinery in Tepic. 
 Our first sign of Tepic. Actually we missed our turn. into Centro - twice. By the time we finally decided the next turn was quite a ways south so we turned around and finally headed the right way. So have not seen this building before. 
Hum...guess they like the Welcome to Las Vegas sign enough to use the same format. 
Ace Hardware, first one of those I've seen. The traffic in Tepic is CRAZY - everybody stops and/or goes where ever they want. The guy on the motorbike decided to turn left just after I took this pic. BRAKES
 An interesting center of the road monument. Don't remember seeing it before, does that mean we were lost again? Nope, just taking a different way
Finally we are headed the right way. In the distance you can see the Cathedral spires.. Many different lanes on this two way four lane road. The bus was going where he wanted to go regardless. 
 One of the older interesting buildings near Centro.
Of course the propane truck filling a tank on the roof didn't make getting through the area any easier.
 Finally, in front of the Cathedral right across the street from the main Plaza. Many many women and men in traditional Indian outfits. The nuns used to have a food stand on this corner but didn't see them yesterday. 
Willie in our favorite parking lot in Tepic. Usually it is crammed full. Never seen it this empty. Bill leaves the keys with the attendant who parks it. 

 Right across the street from the parking lot. Really old buildings Tall and narrow. 
Three of the side of the main plaza across from the Cathedral have these arched walkways Dating back to Spanish time. There are about three big shoe stores along this side. And several shoe shine chairs.
 And all kinds of vendors selling all kinds of food. She is making candied nuts and selling them. The pottery bowl is sitting on a little stove. 
More food for sale, all kinds of candies.
 The plaza was really busy, one of the busiest days we've ever seen here. A couple of men resting watching every one go by. Every where you look the trees have been trimmed into different shapes. 
 Looked like nuts. Didn't see the vendor but he must have been near by. 
We were almost to where we were going - the alley with all of the Huicholi Indians and their magnificent work. So I'll stop here for now. 
Today we went to visit the crocodiles and birds.

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