Thursday, February 2, 2017

Tepic Part 2

And here we are back for the second part of our day trip to Tepic. I just snapped pictures  that would give people a look at everyday life in a bigger busy town. Passed these guys walking along the plaza. 
She has set up on the sidewalk and is selling gorditas. a little fat pancake goodies. the flip flops are about US$2.
We got to the alley where all the Huicholi's have their tables set up to sell their magnificent work. The men's suits are amazing. Takes the wife about six months to make an outfit. He even has on the feathered hat. They are all hand sewn and hand embroidered. 
This man is selling packages of dried shrimp 
Love these dresses - they are about the size or 2 or 3 year olds. Especially like the black and white one on the bottom. 
She is taking the edible part of the Yaka out and packaging it up for sale. 
Love her dress. She is doing some bead work as she waits for customers. 
The back of the man. See the hat. Some of his work on the table. Both men and women bead and embroider. 
The ladies are kind of hard to see. They sit behind the tables in the shade and work on beading or embroidery. I don't know how they can see what they are doing.  
Even had entertainment while walking along.
 The busy plaza looking towards the Cathedral. It was a perfect day to walk around blue sky and about 75. 
Just more people going about their every day life in a city. 
 Three older men enjoying the sunshine and the scenery. 
Most of the men here carry the embroidered bags. 
 Take out food. Pizza and KFC. They also have Burger King and McDonalds. 
 Another ever present food cart. He was walking around the plaza. 
Going up a side street - only foot traffic allowed. 
 A couple of the nicer older buildings. 

 Stopped at a jewelry store next to the parking lot to get a new battery for my watch. That is the whole store!
Door to door selling of squash. 
 This is for my sons. - The casket store is still on the corner.
 A tree growing in Tepic. 
From here we were headed to WalMart and Office Depot to pick up a few things. Will write about our trip home in part 3.
We continue to keep busy in San Blas.


Janet said...

Wondered what Tepic looked like. Have always been in a hurry to push through going North or South.

Carol and Bill said...

It is a neat city - horrid to drive in but lots of history there. There is an Rv park there too.