Monday, February 6, 2017

Heading back to Mazatlan

Well by the time some of you read this we should be back in Mazatlan. This morning here in Aticama both of us were up way too early, Bill is now napping, due to the rockets at the church going off starting around 4:30 a.m. Rude awakening.
Yesterday we went to the flea market in Aticama to pick up our coffee. The little sculpture outside the Cultural Center. I can never get a really good picture of it due to the sun. It is pretty cute.
Bill picking up our coffee. Only got 5 bags of it this year. Has really gone up in price.

One of the strange plants for sale there. Pretty flowers on a real thorny skinny stem.
Heading back to the RV park. Fresh fruit for sale. Bananas and Yaka - the big green things.
Have been trying to get a good picture of this but never can, it comes up too quick. It is a really neat decorated bus stop.
Put the coffee away, Bill rested a bit then we headed into San Blas for the last time. This man has already been out gathering wood.
The mural on the school was done, due to traffic and no parking didn’t get real good pictures of it. Wish we could have stopped.

We also stopped at Juan Banana to pick up some banana bread and muffins to take with us. Passing this building with mural of all kinds of fish.
The children here learn to balance on a bike at a very young age.
Another mural I haven’t noticed before. Showing the birds that live or migrate through this area. They are numbered and there is a list of what they are on the right.
Hopefully I’ll be able to get this posted this a.m. while Bill is still napping. We don’t plan on leaving here until after 9:30. Hope to miss the majority of the traffic on the curvy, narrow road going up the hill.

Unless he feels terrible when he wakes up – again a very humid day here – the next post should be from Mazatlan. 

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