Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Colors of El Quelite

We spent Saturday morning in El Quelite. Went there for breakfast with our friends John and Jackie. It was gray and overcast in Mazatlan. At El Quelite the sun was shining. This blog is heavy on pictures and short on talk. Just want to share the "I want to move there" little town of El Quelite. The colors, plants and people are amazing. 

 In the restaurant. 

 Our table - before we got our real meals. 
 Bill had company as long as he kept feeding him gorditas. 

 One of the murals in the restaurant.
 Basket of blooms.
 Just a colorful arrangement of items.
 Cowboy in training. 
 I took a picture of a black and white photo. Just love the faces.

 No more food so he thought he'd sit on the top of an umbrella and show off. 
 Someday he'll grow into his hat. 
The street outside the restaurant. 

 Across the street from the restaurant some remodeling is going on. This street has been blocked off to traffic by intricate light poles. Also a planter is being built up the middle of it. It was just a street last time we were here. 
 A colorful house and garden.
 The blocked off street. The building is being turned into a hotel and shops. 

 Still showing off. 
 Out for a morning ride.
 Homes and plants

 Cactus growing out of the roof. 

 After we left El Quelite we passed this packed full truck on the highway. 
We continued to see interesting things and do fun things the rest of the day. But will wait to share them. 
Check out the blog I've listed on the side - Junk Boat Travels. More photos of Saturday in El Quelite. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Through all the pictures you have posted of El Quelite, it seems like we know it. It is so beautiful. Okay then, just buy a place there and we will come and park our little trailer in your driveway!! We will be happy!! Miss you two crazy kids!! Thanks for letting us come along everywhere with you!! Hugs to you both! Has Bill made any crepes lately??????

Carol and Bill said...

We did look at houses there once. One was over 200 years old! And cheap. I just enjoy visiting there, no matter how many times we've been there.

SandyM said...

El Quelite is an amazing little town - always enjoy a visit and thanks for the many photos you have shared. Now I want breakfast from there but will have to wait a few weeks!

Contessa said...

Love the color of this post. Did you know that we have never been there?