Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Walking and working and watching.

Didn't realize it had been so long since I've posted. Seems like the days just fly by even when we really aren't doing much.
I've managed to get in a couple of walks and done some work on my window. Here it is on the new table in the garage. All blocked out and squared up. Took a while to accomplish that - had to recut and refoil about four pieces as it was pretty much out of square. UGH. I hate that. serves me right for not taking the time to make sure it was right the first time. So many things I forgot to do right on this window. Rookie mistakes. 
 We spent some time in front of the TV this weekend. Watched the soccer game from Spain. Our favorite team managed to win. So now they are tied for first place. Excellent game.Leo Messi even managed to get a goal after getting one of his front teeth knocked out. Played a while with a pad of gauze in his mouth. Moral of game don't get Messi mad.
And I watched NASCAR - actually the race ended up being on Monday due to rain. The #18 blew his front tire twice. The second time destroyed the car - end of day for him. 
We have finally finished the Easter ham. Made scalloped potatoes with ham and then froze the bone and last scrapes to make lentil soup one of these days. Oink, oink!
Took a long walk this morning. Going to be a cooler day today. Last couple of days have been quite warm already. This is one of the bushes I want to plant here if and when we plant any. It blooms all summer. 
 The WIND continues to blow. I even saw a stores sign that said "Wind Go Away!". Up to 30 mph today. Quite a head and tail wind when walking
 Isn't this beautiful? Wouldn't it make a beautiful stained glass window. 
 All kinds of bushes and flowers blooming now. I know the bottle brush causes a lot of allergies to kick up but it is a pretty plant. 
Got back from my walk and worked on the window a little. it is about 1/2 soldered on the front side. Then it has to be turned over and the back soldered. So still a lot of work to be done. 
This afternoon I have the dimensional sewing class. That should be fun. While I'm there Bill will go to his RC hobby shop which is in the same complex. One of his planes needed a new receiver - it was faulty. 
Nothing exciting going on. Still waiting for the park manager to come and inspect the roof. Noticed today that two of the homes at the end of our block are in the process of getting new roofs. And another is getting their porch roof replaced. 


SandyM said...

The window is looking beautiful - you do great work.

Barb said...

How did that copper pan work out for your potatoes? Am curious about how good those work in the oven.
Love your window!

Carol and Bill said...

it worked great and so easy to clean up. no soaking or scrubbing just wiped it out.

Carol and Bill said...

thank you. getting antsy to finish it and put it up.