Thursday, April 6, 2017

Amazing Cars

Got up early enough this morning to see some of the sunrise. Depending on which direction I was look, whether it was pretty or not. I like the second picture best. It was looking more north than east. 
 This is one of our messy pine trees. 
Worked a little on my window today, the other big flower, but can't get the glass saw running - ended up breaking a piece that had an intricate curve in it. 
Put things away and came back inside. I took a walk around the complex. Saw these cute lawn ornaments. 
Finally remembered my FitBit - but only got in 8200 steps all day. Need to get with it. 
Then we decided we take the two packages I had to mail and do that - after we went out to breakfast of course. So the baby quilt is on it's way and the material I got for a Canadian friend is on it's way to Canada. Had a hard time getting the clerk to understand it was just a piece of fabric. Not clothes. Then how much was there in measurements - um 3 meters. How much did it cost. Finally I think it is on its way. 
Then we headed to the grocery store. Passed this car on the way. Flipped a U and went back to look at it. 1963 special edition Thunderbird. Only a limited number made. Sure was pretty. $39,000. Just looking. 
But discovered the people showing it are classic car restorers, sellers. Also custom motorcycles. Very interesting place. And great people who are proud of where they work. They knew we were just looking but gave us a tour of the whole place. The owner collects radio control planes. Just displays them, doesn't fly them. They were hanging from the ceilings in all the work areas. 
 Now this is a car. A Chevrolet. Beautiful paint job and interior $38,000
 Another view of it. 
 A motorcycle they custom built. Waiting to be picked up. 
 I like our skulls better
They rebuild from the ground up. And also have their own upholstery shop.
I think we will be stopping in there again. Great cars. A Shelby Cobra! A 1959 Impala that needs a lot of work. Beautiful yellow and white 55 Chevy. A couple neat pickups from the early 50s. Drool, drool. 
On to shopping and then home. Cut out the rest of the big petals of the second flower. Then it got to hot in the garage. Bill feels like he is coming down with a cold so he is pretty quiet.
We are being warned about more wild weather coming. Saturday winds up to 50 mph. When the roofers finally get here they won't have to take too many shingles off. 

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