Monday, April 3, 2017

Another interesting weather day in Vegas

This morning dawned bright clear and still. A really nice spring day. 
At 9:00 the insurance adjuster was back out here to check out the additional damage to the roof from the wind the other day. Turns out this time he thinks we should have a completely new roof.Thank you sir. He did mention to us that we need to get it fixed quickly as it would probably leak if there was any rain. We assured him it would be fixed before rain came.
Well Mother Nature had the last laugh. About 2 in the afternoon all heck broke loose. I had just looked out the back door and noticed the clouds around the mountain and the very dark sky heading our way. The mountain still in the sun looks kind of like snow. 
 Sky was getting blacker and blacker and the wind picked up quickly. And again the temperatures dropped quickly.
Heavy winds and heavy rain. Oh Great! Listen to the sound of the wind. There is some thunder in there too. 
In the distance I could see blue sky again. The storm moved through quickly. More of our roof shingles ended up in the wet lands. 
The rest of the afternoon was beautiful. No wind, lots of sun shine. And we found a roofer who will probably be able to do the new roof by the end of the week. The roofers will be really busy around here for a while.