Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Some things getting done other not so much.

I have at least been getting in over 6000 steps a day lately,. Between walking around the neighborhood and working on my window.  A lot of them are from all the  back and forth from where the window is [in my sewing room] to the garage - each piece of glass takes several trips to get it shaped with grinding so it fits just right. After the grinding all the pieces have to be washed to get the marking pen and the grinding dust off.  Then the next step is putting the copper foil around each piece. After the foil is on the glass it has to be press hard oi the glass to make sure it sticks. Now that that is all done it is time to solder it. I don't want to do that in the house- to many fumes from the flux and solder. Also I don't want to do it on my sewing table. So here it is waiting until I figure out where to put it to finish it. 
The other day while Bill was at the hobby shop I went to the quilting store and signed up for a class 
to learn how to do 3 dimensional quilting. specialty pieces - not whole quilts. More wall hanging type stuff. Stuff like this.
For the class we have to have material that looks like a tree trunk and material that looks like rocks. It should be fun to do. 
So the roof, well it is done but... The insurance company gave me check for roof, but it was made out to me and mortgage company. So I had to endorse it and give it to them - them being the corporate office of the mortgage company who are the owners of the community where we live.  They would put check in an escrow account and pay final bill. BUT the roofer needed a down payment for supplies to start the roof. No one from the office was here the day we had to give down payment to roofer. So I wrote him a personal check. Now roof is done. Roofer has sent the invoice to our communities corporate office. They are supposed to send it to the local manager. He hasn't heard any thing. Doesn't know about the invoice. Before it can be paid he also has to inspect our roof AND the general manager has to sign off on it. What a freaking mickey mouse company. No one knows anything. I wonder if I call the insurance company and ask them WTH? if we'll get paid back and the roofer will get paid. After all the insurance has already paid the full amount plus. I'm also trying to get a copy of the invoice for my files. I keep getting - I'll have my bookkeeper send it to you...Yah when? Eventually it will show up. 
We've had more high winds the last couple of days. Gusts up to 50mph again. Glad we got the roof done when we did. By this weekend the temperature is supposed to be up in the 90's! OH NO NOT ALREADY!
Bill has an eye infection. went to the doctor this morning and got a prescription BUT the pharmacy doesn't have it and doesn't think they will get any. The girl says it's been really hard to get that medication for eyes. The drug company won't send it. Now what. They are supposed to call around to other CVSs to see who might have it, call the supplier to see if/when they might get it and/or call the doctor to see if there is anything else Bill can use. His one eye is a mess, swollen and running gunk. Doesn't put him in a good mood. And with the winds stirring everything up - the dust and pollen...Good - CVS just called the medication will be in tomorrow. 
Well Barcelona soccer club won't be in playing for the European championship this year. They lost today. 

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