Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A quiche kind of day.

It got cold again here last night - high 40's this morning when we woke up. Bill wants to head back south. [Unfortunately the RV is still at the dealers. They are waiting for a new door lock that had to be ordered.] Personally I love this weather. Well except for when the wind picked up again this afternoon. The roofer was here this afternoon and we settled on a type of shingle for the roof. He should be able to get to it next week. Sure hope we don't get rain before then. 
Because it was a cool day I decided to try to make a quiche. I'd bought the ingredients the other day. Talk about a heart attack in a pan. Eggs, heavy cream, cheese and bacon. About the only thing healthy were the green onions. This was my first time ever to make a quiche. I learned several things that I will do different next time. But it turned out pretty good. 
This recipe said to put the bacon and green onions on the bottom then layer the cheese over it, then pour in the egg mixture and rest of cheese on top. Next time I'm going to cut bacon smaller and mix it and the onions in with the eggs and cheese. No layers. Think it would taste better. And I had to cook it 15 minutes longer than recipe said. 
Pretty good for my first try. I'll make it again. 
Later in the day I started to finally work on my stained glass window. All I got done was rough cuts of some of the flower pieces. All of these pieces need to be ground down with the grinder so they fit correctly. 
I cut the fifth piece later. The colored picture is what it will kind of look like when done. The white paper underneath is the pattern I will follow to put it together. 
Guess I'm out of practice managed to cut myself twice. Tomorrow I'll get Bill to help me set up the glass saw so I can do the intricate pieces easier. It is so neat to watch a piece come together. 
And that's about it for today. 

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John Boisvenue said...

Nice looking Quiche. Was it as good as the one I bought in Mazatlan :)).