Monday, April 10, 2017

New Roof

The last couple of days we've pretty much been stuck home while the roofers were working. Except for three shingles the roof is done. They will come back today and finish. The roof before. The back of house - took the pic around dusk so kind of dark.
 The front - this was the part that had most of the damage. 
 Saturday the winds were gusting up to 50mph. But didn't seem to bother the roofers. The wind was coming from the south and this is the north side of the house. We decided on a variegated brown, architectural shingle. Supposed to last with winds up to 120mph. It will hopefully out last us. 
 They also worked on the north side of the garage.  Because of miscommunication between contractor and roofers they didn't get started until around noon. During the worst of the winds. 
 Yesterday afternoon the front of the house got finished. The brown looks so much nicer than the ugly gray. 
 The back is all done too. 
 WTH - guess who I caught up on the roof!
He took these pictures. We have a nice view to the east. The lighter roof to the right is the new house next door. 
Another pic from the roof. I said I'd call 911 if I heard a scream and then went inside till he got down.  Guess I should be glad that at 80+ he can still get up there with confidence. 
Today is laundry day and grocery shopping day. And maybe working on my window day. 

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SandyM said...

Hands in pockets and up on the that IS confidence. Good on you, Bill.