Friday, September 15, 2017

Busy day yesterday

Didn't realize it had been so long since I'd posted till I went to take the photos off the camera and found Monday morning sunrise. I actually put my FitBit on Monday morning and went for a walk. Did around 6000 steps. 
 The weather is finally cooling down enough to get out in the morning. Went out today but not for long. 
We've had a really quiet week, not doing much of anything until yesterday. Yesterday I started two new projects. I'm making table place mats for autumn. I had the material so thought I'd use it up. Will probably give the placemats away as we usually aren't home in autumn. And I already have some for me. All I need to do is add the binding and quilting and they will be done. There are four of them. 
 Also measured window and printed out the pattern for the second window. Probably today I'll go out in the garage and choose some of the glass for it. 
And last evening we had an eventful time. Bill had not been feeling well all day. Said his back was aching. Well by late afternoon it was way beyond aching. It was into "I have to see a doctor." And when he says that I know something is wrong. So we jumped into the car and went to the new hospital that just opened not far from us in Henderson. We both figured he'd be sitting in the emergency room for hours. But we were pleasantly surprised. They brought a wheel chair out to the car and took him inside. Within 15 minutes he was checked in and in a cubicle. Saw two or three different nurses who did their things. A doctor and a PA. After some discussion they had him heading down the hall for a CAT scan. Not long after that they came back and told him he had a kidney stone - guess he is lucky he'd never had one before. Any way. Got three prescriptions and information on what to expect and we were on our way home. About three hours total time there. Very pleased with the way things were handled.
So today he is not so good. Still waiting for things to pass. He will take it easy and I'll sew and watch NASCAR.
Tonight I'm fixing one of our this week's meal in a box. We are having duck breast. Can't wait to taste it. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

Been through that with John. The pain in the back is a sure indication!! John's had the attacks at home and once on business in Houston where he got great care.

Carol and Bill said...

sure is a rough thing to happen. he's all better today though.