Thursday, June 7, 2018

Being optimistic

In about 20 minutes the 5th and maybe final game of this years Golden Knights will begin. We are all hoping for the best. But no matter what they had a great year. 
This has been another busy week of getting things done and doctor appointments. I discovered my passport would expire while we were still in Mexico this coming winter so have applied for a renewal - wow $110, plus pictures, plus mailing. Last one didn't cost near that much. 
I found a couple cool mornings when I could work in the garage on stained glass I know this looks like a pineapple but it is supposed to be a cactus with a red flower. It needs to be soldered, but just too hot to do that part. 
We've had a couple of spectacular sunsets lately, just one of them.
Had to take a trip clear across town yesterday morning so Bill could see the eye surgeon, he was having double vision. Consensus is he will probably have to wear glasses as he has astigmatism in one eye. But to wait a couple more weeks to let the healing continue. Anyway, on the way over saw this neat utility box painting. Little pieces of art scattered around town. 
I've finished the Christmas quilt. All sewn up and label on it. Just waiting to be mailed. Now I need another project using up all the small cuts of the Christmas material I have left. 
Out this morning to get passport pictures taken and returning something and passed this car in the process of being restored. I want it for my birthday. Luckily it is not for sale. Love the lines on it. 

When cars used to have personalities. Well time to go watch the game, fingers crossed.


Kathy Tycho said...

Was at a car shop last year in Laughlin (blogged it) and just loved the classic ones! Even picked a favorite. Stained glass looks like a Regal pineapple!

Carol and Bill said...

Funny about the stained glass - maybe I need to add more to the cactus part - make it fatter.

animalsbirds said...


Barb said...

Love the color of that car! That is the color of my new Jeep. Maybe you could figure out how to put needles on that cactus.