Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Good day all around

Because I haven't done anything to take a picture of I thought I'd post one I took many years ago in North Dakota on the Enchanted Highway. Notice our car in lower left of picture. Those are some big figures.
It was just a neat side trip we took one year.
But back to today. This morning when I got up around 6:00 it was still cool enough to have the doors open and there was a little breeze. Which is always a good way to start a day.
Half of our day was pretty much planned. First soccer game at 7:00 and the really important, to us, Argentina vs Nigeria soccer game at 11:00. But...I had a doctors appointment at 10:10 with the gastroenterologist I'd never seen before. CRAP. So we watched the first soccer game then headed out to the doctor, hoping I'd get there, fill out the hundreds of forms that no one reads, see the doctor and then get home in time to see the end of the Argentina soccer game. Wishful thinking.
There was no traffic so we made good time to the doctor's office. There were only eight pages of paper work to complete, but I'd brought copies of all the tests that were done a month ago, so I just attached them. Signed everything and turned them in, and prepared to wait. At 10:05 I was called in. The doctor came right in. We were leaving there at 10:35! Also turns out my problem is minor and will eventually go away by itself - no mores tests and no new medications or anything. Great relief.
We got home in time to watch the entire soccer game and Argentina won a nail bitter in the last 15 minutes. They go to next stage of the World Cup.
And that is about it for the day. Not cooking tonight, just eating left overs or salad.


Kathy Tycho said...

You need a PVR so you can record important events!

Dirk Digler said...

Always enjoy your posts. It’s fun when you get antagonized when something gets in the way of your soccer or racing. Best to you both.

Carol and Bill said...

I'm lucky I can answer my "smarter than me phone" Can turn on the satellite TV and that is about it. Old dogs you know.

Carol and Bill said...

Today I actually watched too much NASCAR - ended up turning it off. Argentina lost - now pulling for Mexico.