Wednesday, April 28, 2021


Spring lasted about two days and summer has arrived full force.  Although it did snow in the mountains around us yesterday. At the house it only got to 67 as the high. Today it will be mid 80's with WIND and more WIND. So we will have blow dryer weather for a while. Hot and windy. 

Got out for my walk both Monday in the cold wind and today in the warm wind. Monday got in 9100 steps, so far today 6060 and it is only noon. Saw this pretty flower while walking today. It looked like it was part of an oleander bush??? Going to try to find it on line. Almost looks like an iris.
The last couple of days been trying to stay busy. Working on puzzles. This one was fun. Every piece had three to six different colors on it. Also have done a couple of 150 piece ones - they take less than an hour. 
Also got the Bissel wet dry cleaner out. Was embarrassed to discover how dirty our kitchen floor was. I mop it all the time but guess I wasn't doing a very good job with just the mop. I wish this has a stiffer brush though instead of a cloth brush. So now have a clean floor and will use this and the mop from now on. 
I finished the third pair of earrings. These are sparkly pastel colored beads. Turned out pretty. I checked how long it took me to make just one. About 1 1/2 hours - including ripping out and redoing some. Thinking about doing one in black, white and gray and maybe red. 
Think I mentioned we have another great granddaughter on the way. So I've been thinking about making her a quilt. The other nine got quilts so...I have had the pretty checked material for a long time so though it would be pretty with the little girl/lady embroidered pieces. 
So I did one of the embroideries - it is a series of five. It has many, many stitches in it. And the thread kept breaking from the intricacy of the pattern. Drove me nuts. Thought maybe it was just this pattern, but tried one of the other ones this morning. About 1/4 of the way done I just stopped. Not worth the aggravation.  So rethinking quilt. 
And I heard from the stained glass shop this morning. They tried to order my glass but the glass company that makes it is out of the particular glass I need for my window. So have to wait to see if they get it back  in stock. So that is on hold for a while. 
Got my drape for the small room window yesterday. So maybe later today I'll cut it in half length ways so I'll have a set of drapes and then  shorten it to fit the window. Should look finished then. 
Been working on the plans for a trip later this summer. It will include four weeks on the Oregon coast - plus getting there and back. At least we'll be out of the heat for a while. 


SandyM said...

Love the doggie puzzle. I did a little wooden puzzle of a grumpy cat that has those same colors - don’t know how to attach a picture.🙁
That would have made a lovely quilt - maybe you will figure out what the problem is with the embroidery - you are good at that. Will look forward to see where the road takes you....enjoy your trip.

Doug and Nancy said...

Nice! Great work on all those steps!!! Hugs!

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy - I like that kind of painting. We used to go to a restaurant in Tucumcari, NM that that a big painting in that style of a cow. I always wanted to buy it. But it was really big. I tried another one of the girl pasterns and it was even worse with breaking the thread. So now have to decide what to do instead.
Nancy. Trying to get in shape for next winter. But now it is already to hot here, unless go out before sunrise.