Friday, September 1, 2017

Where has the year gone?

I can't believe it is September already. Where has the year gone? End of another month time to back up your computer. 
I had Bill give me a hair cut yesterday with our clippers. OMG - I should have checked which size cutter was on it. I am almost bald. Oh well, it will be a while before I need another cut. 
Another cool morning so I went out in the garage and finished the polishing of my window. I will eventually make a companion piece for the other side of the window. We do not replace the original glass. The stained glass just goes in front of it. 
Here is Bill putting it up. 
 Here it is up. 
A little later we went to the glass store and I picked up enough blue background and red for flowers to make the new window. Also ordered the glass for the border. So when I get the urge I'll be able to start it. Glad I don';t need too much red, it is really expensive, it has gold in it to make the red really red. 
I think the world is going crazy. Just watching the news - The Clark County School District is many millions in debt so they have made a new budget. In their budge they have classified teachers as NON ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL. Excuse me? Why do they need schools if they don't have teachers. What a crock. 
Just finished making our "before winter" doctors appointments. Four different doctors. And I imagine they will all want a come back appointment. Ugh. Wouldn't go but we need our prescriptions renewed and unless we see them they wont renew them.
Worked on my quilt a little today. got the three bottom sections sewn together. Boy is it getting heavy to handle. Soon I'll have to go to a yardage store to get the backing. Don't know what I want yet. 
Racing at Darlington this weekend. Will work on quilt while watching it. 


SandyM said...

Carol, your window is gorgeous - I have loved it from the first. Great to see it hung and Bill did a great job.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you. Bill is helpful to have around,.