Saturday, June 1, 2019

How we've been keeping busy

When we should have been outdoors and enjoying the weather we've been inside amusing ourselves. Starting tomorrow the temperatures will be heading UP! [wrote most of this yesterday, but didn't get it posted.]
So why am I showing you a trash bag hanging out of a cupboard? Well just to tell a tale on myself. Bill usually empties the trash and puts the new bag in the kitchen container. I thought I'd do it the other day while he was busy in the garage. All I had to do was pull on  the bag and it would come out and the new one would show up ready for next time. WELL - when I pulled on it the door opened and the whole roll of bags fell out. 
Where did they fall? You guessed it right behind the washing machine. CRAP. I climbed up on the washer to see if I could reach them. Nope - but I did make a discovery there were two other rolls of trash bags down there on the floor. So I'm not the only person it has happened to...So I went to get Bill to tell him. Ended up having to pull the washer way out from the wall so we could get behind it and pick up the darn bags. From now on I'll let him empty the trash. 
Had one pretty sunrise on one of the days we had rain. Looking out back over The Wetlands. 
Bill has been super busy out in the wood shop [aka garage] working on the sunflower. The under layer of petals cut. See the pattern under it. 
 The pot, stem and leaves and the upper layer of flower petals. 
 This will be the middle of the flower. This will all be shaped and stained. All little pieces of dowels for depth. 
 The two layers of petals. 
And this morning we went across town so I could get the glass for our bedroom lamps. We only broke one shade, but want them to match so will make two. Our room is kind of forest autumn colors - so the original pink shades didn't really go with the room. So once the one got broken...
Will be using the bright glass. I had enough glass of the other color to make one shade, but want them to match. Besides the old glass was too blah. Now I have to get out there to the glass shop [aka garage] to make them. 
These are the pattern pieces for the lamp - a round piece and a pointy piece - there are four of each for each lamp. And of course the little pieces that go on top - ow shown here. I have to place and cut carefully - no glass to waste. 
Also been keeping myself busy doing jigsaw puzzles. The set I have now are taking longer to do. Seems like most of each puzzle is the same color. Or very close to the same colors. 
He just came in, while writing this I could hear the sander going. So I went out to take a look. The center of the flower looks more like a flower center now. Wow!
Writing today - Bill has been awful quiet out in the garage so I went out to check. He is building a base for a piece of machinery??? Guess something will be delivered sometime today. No idea what he doesn't have, nor where he will put it. Right now my car is parked in the street.
I wasn't up but Bill took a quick pic of the sunrise this morning. Going to be warm today. 
The other day was nice temperature wise and no wind so Bill took his drone up from the backyard and took it out over The Wetlands. See the little lagoon out there. There are usually ducks and turtles around it. 
The video can give you an idea of how big the area is. Taking off from the backyard going over the wetlands. Turning the camera so it looks down. Dirt hiking trails. One of the lagoons. The visitor center and playground. Looking at our homes.Turning north and east back over the wetlands. It is a really big area. When it pauses another lagoon and creek with a waterfall. Landing at our place.
To see it full screen click here

Now I'm working on another project too. Enough for today. 


Mark said...

Your gonna need a bigger garage.

Christine Allen said...

I forgot that "some" people actually park cars in garages..... I don't know many of them or they are the lucky and few that have property with extra insulated out buildings and workshops....or basements with walkout..... Love your stories always even if I don't always respond and tell you so. Tina

Kathy Tycho said...

Busy, busy, busy and interesting projects too.

Carol and Bill said...

or a whole lot smaller cars.

Carol and Bill said...

where we live we aren't allowed to park in the street and our driveway is so short we have to park the jeep sideways to be out of the street. When we lived in Indiana we had the glass shop in the basement and we had a 5 car garage full of tools. miss that.

Carol and Bill said...

They should keep us busy for a while.

Mark said...

Can you imagine the things that Bill would have if you had that 5 car garage now. Bill I like the way you do things, 110 %. If you need a place to store any of your toys I have room at my house, just saying. LOL.:)