Thursday, May 30, 2019

Quirky Chloride Art Part 2

As we were driving around town we saw the sign about the High Desert Drifters. They are re-enactor group and put on shows for events and on the weekends. It was in front of a little town called Cyanide Springs. I found this on line about it. "The Immortal Gunfighters of Chloride, a re-enactor group, built Cyanide Springs in 1997, a ramshackle replica of an Old West town smack in the middle of Chloride. Using only hand tools, either because they strove for authenticity or because they were drinking, depending on who tells the story, they peeled aged lumber from nearby mines and slapped together the rustic town within a town."
We didn't stop and go in but here are a couple of pictures. 

Almost like a movie set.
The Miner's Shack Mercantile - closed.  Need to come back here on a weekend or during one of the special event days.
The Baptist Church
Most of the rest of the pictures are of some of the yard art around town. Almost every house had some. Hard to get really good pictures. Really needed to be walking around town, not driving.

At least the desert around here should be free of all old metal things.

They really have been busy.

Kind of pretty place.

Skeleton hanging from tree.
A whole little town built in this front yard.
Just scenery - flowers were blooming all over town.
The brother to the truck in front of the restaurant. There were several old vehicles scattered around the town.
I absolutely loved this place. Could spend a couple of days just walking around it and checking things out. Would love to talk to some of the people who took the time and energy to build the art. The more I've read about Chloride, I realize we missed a lot of things while here.
There is an RV park in the town, but it seems to be quite full most of the time.
And so ends our Arizona trip. It was really fun. Wish the wind and rain hadn't sent us scurrying home.
Speaking of home. We are waiting to hear from the air conditioning people about when they will be here to install it. By next week it will be in the 100's here. Our old AC is working okay, but is on it's last legs. Making lots of groaning sounds.

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