Saturday, May 18, 2019

Route 66 to Oatman Part 2

Friday was a great day. Had nothing to do with Oatman. Weather was perfect, low 70's and best of all NO WIND! So we went to Chloride and saw the murals out in the middle of no where and Bill got some wood for his hobbies 
But back to our Oatman trip. We have cleared the summet and are starting down the mountain. Notice the curb at the edge of the drop.  
 Talk about You can see forever."
 we aren't done with the sharp curves yet. I enjoyed going up more then the going down. 
 Now the other way. 
 Only 2.2 miles to town. But still more curves to make.
A few more curves to go around. And views to enjoy.

 And here we are in Oatman. We got there kind of early so not many people walking around. 
 Lots of old looking buildings. Lots of stuff for sale. 
 And a lot of references to the burros who hang around the town. 
 We were told there are 23 who come to town all the time, they all have names. But 2 of them haven't been seen the last couple of months. We hadn't seen any yet. 
 The famous Oatman Hotel. Clark Gable and Carole Lombard were married in KIngman and then spent their wedding night in this hotel. More on that later.
The restaurant attached to the hotel. Looking in through the windows. Yes those are all dollar bills - real ones. 

Cute sign - Interesting choice of name.
 Another old looking building. Wooden sidewalks. 
 Lots of tourist stuff for sale. 

 A candy store 
 PJ's with burros on them for sale. Looked comfortable. 
One person's opinion.
 An empty coffin. Just waiting for someone to get in it. 
 So back to the Oatman Hotel. 
 Some information about it.  

The stairs leading to the rooms on the second floor. Yes that is real money. 

Upstairs hallway
 THEIR ROOM - Kind of wonder why when they could have stayed anywhere. Had to take the picture through a glass window. 
Then we decided to eat in the restaurant. It is an amazing place. And the food and service was good.  Yes those are all real dollar bills with some bills from other countries here and there. 
Click here for some more information on the bar. 

 The waitress told us guys stand on each others shoulders to staple the bills to the ceiling.
So I'm going to stop here again and finish this tomorrow.
Our plans have changed so we will be spending a couple more days in Golden Valley. The weather in northern Arizona is going to be terrible for a few days. Down to 29 degrees at night a possibility of snow, for sure rain. Don't want to be on the road in that. 


SandyM said...

You and Bill sure seek out interesting places to visit. Really like the new header photo - they look like fast friends!

Carol and Bill said...

This short excursion was fun.