Thursday, May 16, 2019

Route 66 in Kingman AZ

We are spending a couple of days just north of Kingman, AZ. 

Why? Well mainly  because I want to go to Oatman and Chloride and explore the old Route 66 in Kingman. 
This is part of a mural inside of Calico's Restaurant. 
Kingman is in the middle of the longest stretch of Route 66 - a total of 157 miles. This part through town has a lot of interesting buildings and murals. And museums. This is on the side of the Mohave Museum of History and Arts. 
 Along Andy Devine Ave - Route 66
Lots of interesting old buildings. 
 Historic downtown Kingman has more than 40 sights and buildings on the National Registry of Historic Places. 
 Many murals. 
 Catholic Church and Bakery. As you can see it was an overcast day which doesn't make for the best pictures. Also the wind continued to blow. 
 On a building on a side street. Reminds me of our car. 
 An old garage. 
 This is/was a restaurant. The whole building was a mural. An old gasoline pump next to it. 

 This motel had a bunch of small murals. Didn't get all of them. 

Still at the motel. 
 Nothing to do with 66 but I liked it. 
Lots of patriotic murals along the road.
Pet  Groomers

 A history of the area. In 1857 Lt. Beale surveyed and built the first Federally funded wagon road across northern Arizona. The survey incorporated an experiment using 25 camels. Route 66 mostly follows this wagon trail. 
In 1926 the highway paralleling the railroad through Kingman was officially certified US Highway 66
Kingman is the Turquoise Capitol of the World, one of the largest suppliers of turquoise is sourced out of a mountain just northwest of town. 
The wind is still blowing but this morning we took old 66 across the desert and mountains to Oatman, 

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Kathy Tycho said...

Love Kingman..we always try to get up there when we stay in Lauglin heading south. Eric really likes the trains.