Monday, May 20, 2019

Hello from Home

Well the weather won. When today dawned clear and sunny we hit the road for home. Listening to the news from Vegas this morning the weather person mentioned it was snowing on Mt. Charleston but it would clear up for the day and even the winds would be down. BUT tomorrow and until Thursday it would be cold  and nasty again. And the weather in Vegas [high of 66!] is about the same as where we were. Not fun.
Yesterday in the RV park in Golden Valley. Just plain icky and cold. Home sounded good to us.
Nice weather when we left. We filled up with cheaper Arizona gasoline at $3.25 - it is up over 3.50 in Vegas. Got on the highway about 9:30. We headed west towards Laughlin and the 95 home. Bill says he refuses to drive on the 93 again until it is repaved. Lots of colorful scenery. Please excuse the dirty windshield.
 You can see a long ways from parts of this highway 68.
 Way in the distance is Laughlin.
 Glad we aren't going that way. A heavy rain storm out in the desert.
 Crossing the Colorado river from Arizona to Nevada.
What the heck what is this? The sun is shining and it is raining. Didn't last long, just enough to really dirty up the windshield.
 Another storm out in the desert. Again east of where we were going. Thank goodness.
On the 95 almost to Vegas. Surprising how green and clear everything is. Really pretty.
We got home about 11:45 and by 1:00 the RV was back in storage. We didn't take much with us this time. We will be planning another short trip soon. Hopefully the weather will cooperate with us next time.
Really enjoyed out two excursions though. Here is part of Route 66 heading to Oatman. If you click on this link you can watch it full screen. But be careful, watching it almost made me car sick.               
Just wanted to get this done so everyone would know we were home. Tomorrow I'll work on the pictures from Chloride. What a fun day that was. And an even more adventurous road trip.

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Jackie McGuinness said...

I knew you'd be back to road trips!!!
Gas in France was 1.70 euros for a litre.