Saturday, May 25, 2019

More on the Murals at Chloride

I mentioned in passing yesterday that we will be getting a new air conditioner and furnace. Right now ours is working, but last summer we had a problem with the compressor and were told that if it goes again - after Jan 1 2020 there will be no fixing it as the refrigerant will not be available. It is somewhere around 30 years old. Our Home Warranty company offered us a deal we couldn't turn down. So sometime within the next month it will be installed. Maybe there was a reason we came home from our short trip early.
Weather her now is perfect. Low 80's, but today windy and more cool weather coming in during the week. Then it should return to normal. Hot. 
But back to our trip to see the murals. Bill took his drone up see it here in this picture. But the sun was directly above him so he couldn't really see what it was filming. Anyway the video is at the end of this post. 
There he is. The camera on the drone projects on a tablet or cell phone screen. Problem is can't see either when in the sun.
Just more pictures of the paintings. These were done with paint in a can and brushes - not spray graffiti. The artist, Roy Purcell, was at one time the curator of the Southern Nevada Museum in Henderson. And his paintings are sold in many places. 
The rocks and brush made it hard to get good shots of some of them. 
Just kind of a broad view. Those boulders are huge. See the red snake coiling around.
Closer look at the detail in the snake. 
One of these I think is the fertility goddess. Not sure which one. 
Her maybe? There are foot prints on many of the rocks. 
I like the views of the buildings with the bushes and blue sky. He did similar paintings in a couple of places. 
Can see the lady standing up in this one.
See how small the car looks. 

The road continuing on past the murals. Don't think we'll go that way.

I can't remember if I posted this or not. I really don't remember seeing it. But I must have to take its picture.

A squiggle and more foot prints. 
OH! The snakes head.  
A closer look at the buildings and brush. 
Time to say good bye. We both think we want to go back there again. Here is a great article about Roy Purcell. Worth the read. He has done so much more than the murals. 
Scenery heading back towards the little town of Chloride. A very interesting town, for sure worth another visit. Will post some pictures from there next time. 
This is the drone video. Again click here to see it full screen. 

We drove around and had lunch at a restaurant there. Very interesting. 
On this trip I also took some pictures related to Bill's new (old) hobby. So more on that later too. 
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Mari Borrego said...
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Mari Borrego said...

Hello Bill and Carol,

Its been awhile and been thinking of you two. I love the sunflower wood art. Its beautiful. Hope all is well and you are enjoying being back home. Sorry have not kept in touch though will make a better effort in doing so. Keep in touch and many blessings.


Jackie McGuinness said...

Tons of spam here too.

Great murals.