Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Wandering around the little town of Chloride Part 1

From as early as the 1840's men were searching this area for minerals. Chloride got its name from the silver chloride that was mined there. At its biggest in 1920 around 2000 people lived there. From 1886 to 1919 the Butterfield stagecoach operated out of Chloride. At its biggest there were various stores, the weekly Arizona Arrow, and more than a dozen saloons operating in town. In the late 1940's the mine closed down after producing over $7 million. The town is considered to be the oldest continuously inhabited mining town in the state. 
If you find yourself driving from Kingman to Vegas on the 93 take the time to go to Chloride. The road is paved to the town and it's only about 4 miles off the highway. We have both decided we want to go back and spend more time there. 
Heading back to town from the murals.
All the cacti were blooming. 

Some of the "yard art" that can be found in almost every yard.

Guess the antique/art places are only open on the weekend. We were there on a Friday. 
More art.
This is intriguing. 

 This is outside the wall around the house. Thought it was funny. 
There is a whole miniature town built in front of the Market. 

Chloride has the oldest continuously operating post office in Arizona. 
 We stopped here to eat lunch. Very good. 
Keeping the law and order around here. 

Two large murals on the wall. Very good and interesting. Couldn't get a real good picture due to the reflection.  They almost look like photographs. 
Next door to the restaurant. They only rent rooms to opposed to? 
 Old, old pickup. No idea what make or year.

I don't think the Bud Light sign is original. 

I sure wouldn't want to try and drive this. I like the bags hanging under the side windows.  
 A place for everything. 
One more front moving through tonight and there goes our nice cool weather.  We got a lot of rain and expecting more tonight. Then...summer arrives. Guess I should be glad the cool lasted as long as it did. At least it is not humid and the winds will be letting up. 

Going to do another post about Chloride and that will finish up our short trip to AZ. Lots of pictures still left to sort through.


Jackie McGuinness said...

Finally taking the time to come and visit you!
Why have we never gone to Chloride?? We've passed it enough times.

Carol and Bill said...

It is worth the trip. Every time we went by we said we have to go there. Finally. We both want to go back.
Are you home?