Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Bill's old new hobby.

Sign of the times. Saw this billboard when we were out the other day. Guess you can get anything online now days.
Bill gets bored when he doesn't have anything to do. So I mentioned his carving tools. Why don't you start using your carving things again? So he brought this set up into the house. And got it all ready to use. We even had some wood plaques that we got a long time ago. So he was working on a carving of Monument Valley. Hum there was sawdust all over.
I didn't think we had quite so many. I'm pretty sure some of them are new. 

So, of course, needed a vacuum to sweep it up.  Amazon is amazing. Next day delivery!
And each day something new showed up.  The first thing was this saw so he could cut out part of the wood. 
And then this. 
Looks like something else came.
Now there were three. 
And what is this? A router.
Of course it needs a stand. So he is building one. Check out the smile. 

On its stand. Now he has a complete wood shop so he can do whatever he wants - hobby wise. 
In Indiana he had the whole garage set up as a wood shop - but with professional grade tools. 
A place for everything.
The only problem is everything is in the garage where it gets very hot during the summer. 
We are planning on a short trip to see some things in Arizona. Hoping it doesn't get too hot. So next time I write it will be from Arizona. 


Grandma on the Road said...

Next will be an air conditioner for the garage! Better than in the house.

Carol and Bill said...

that's what I'm thinking too.

Barb said...

I had to laugh! I saw the headline "Bill's Old New Hobby" and the photo below it was a billboard for pot! I thought that was his "old, new hobby"! Lol!!