Friday, May 17, 2019

Drove old Route 66 to Oatman Part 1 Going up the mountains

Weather remains cold at night and cooler than usual during the day. But that is fine with me. Today there are no clouds and so far this morning no wind. So we will be out and about again. 
Yesterday was overcast and windy but we took a road trip anyway. We are at the red dot on the map. I had read about the drive on Route 66 to Oatman from Kingman and it sounded neat. So that is what we did. I am glad we did it in the Jeep. 66 was a very narrow highway. Very scenic drive to Oatman. 
Leaving Oatman we came back through Bullhead City. Whole trip was about 75 miles. Took 295 pictures and have some great Dash Cam videos of the road. But they will have to wait until I good a good Internet connection - probably when we get home. 
We took a couple of back roads from the RV park to the actual Route 66. Just getting on it here. The logo says 66 but couldn't get a good pic of it over the hood of the moving car. 
Oatman 22 miles
 The wind continues to blow hard. 

 We will eventually go over and through those mountains. The interesting part of the road. 

Cool Springs Service Station was built in the 1920s and eventually had a cafe, a bar, and cabins. But Route 66 was bypassed in 1953, and the station was abandoned in 1964. Cool Springs may look like a gas station, but it only sells snacks and Route 66 souvenirs. Cool Springs Service Station had been a ruin -- nothing more than a blackened pile of rocks -- until 2001. That's when Ned Leuchtner, a real estate agent from Chicago, bought it and began its careful restoration, based on vintage photographs. The work was completed at the end of 2004.

 Starting up into the mountains. Feels like the highway got narrower from here on.
 A "kind of" guard rail. Mostly there wasn't even this. 
I'm glad there wasn't much traffic on this road.  We only saw a few other cars.
 The scenery was amazing. Especially this year with everything so green and so many flowers blooming. 
Many different colors in the rocks. 

A look at our GPS. Where it says Oatman it just is identifying the highway. See the almost figure 8 turn by the arrow. 
 Many many years [sometime in the 50's] ago my aunt and uncle and their five kids and a dog drove this highway to Los Angeles from Jamestown, NY. They had the old burlap bag of water on the front of the car. I remember them talking about what a hard trip it was. 
Just came around anther "U-turn". 
 And still more, going up and over.
The road goes over the drainage pipe. 
 Can you imagine doing this trip in the summer heat in a vehicle with no AC?  They were better people then me.
 I was taking these pictures out of my side window. Bill's side was mostly straight up. 

 We reached the summit.
 What a view!
 And there goes the road. 
Just  a really short video I took with my camera. 

We are getting ready to go to Chloride so will finish trip later - it probably will take a couple more posts. 


Mark said...

Oh man,I'm jealous. Looks wonderful

Carol and Bill said...

Really neat and weird area to explore

Kathy Tycho said...

We've ridden that route on the motorcycle quite a few times but Eric doesn't see much as he has to keep his eyes glued to the road. We've never stopped in Oatman..a but too touristy and too much donkey poop!

Carol and Bill said...

We got there early before it was filled with tourists. The Oatman Hotel and attached restaurant were interesting. Everything else was just tourist junk. There is a gun fight daily but we left before it. Even the burros weren't around when we first got there. great drive there though.