Sunday, May 19, 2019

The rest from our trip to Oatman Part 3

I've got some great video footage of Route 66 on the way to Oatman. But don't have a good enough Internet connection to upload them. Our Verizon MiFi is working fine but we don't have unlimited data so don't want to gobble it up. Post them when we get home.
Our carefully planned short vacation is changing daily. I figured that if we took this trip the last couple of weeks of May the weather would be perfect - not too hot yet. Well I got that part right. It is down in the high 40's at night here in Golden Valley, the wind has been blowing non stop and it started raining last night. With rain on and off until Wednesday. We at least got in our ride to Oatman and visit to Chloride to see the murals. But I wanted to take Route 66 from Kingman to Seligman and stay there overnight. 
Then on to Williams AZ and then down to just south of Sedona. For the next few days rain! Williams is going down to 29 at night with rain/snow in the forecast. Highs in the lo 50's. So I managed to get our reservation at 1000 Trails by Camp Verde changed to a few days later when it is warming up some. But that leaves us with a couple of days between now and then that we're not sure what we will do. Another storm is heading this way on Wednesday! Going home is sounding better and better. Pretty much made up or minds, heading home tomorrow.
But back to Oatman- On one of the restaurants there. 
Just a shot of a building and the mountains and sky 
Some info about Oatman's burros
And look who we finally found. There are four of them eating some hay behind one of the buildings. 
And this guy trying to eat an old pair of pants. 
And these guys were heading up the road towards town. Causing a traffic jam. 
You could go into this "mine" Don't know what was in there as being underground isn't my thing.
Now this is me. 
They finally made their way up the road and into town.
Just wandering around ignoring everything and every one. 

We left Oatman and drove home a different way. West towards the river and up through Bullhead City and back east  over the 68

Heading out of Oatman. Guess the burro was wondering what was going on. 
Just taking a stroll. Not in a hurry to get out of the way. 
Us pulling over to say HI
Checking to see if we had anything good in the car.
Almost to the campground. This road over the mountains was wide and easy to drive.  It was a fun day. 
We did have another nice day and we went to Chloride to see the murals. Will post about the murals and the town next. Interesting little place.
Tomorrow will be posting from home. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Sorry your trip got weathered out! No fun if its rain and cold!

Carol and Bill said...

It was snowing on the mountain in Vegas today!

Jackie McGuinness said...

Weather is crazy everywhere.

Been to Oatman a couple of times, fun town.