Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Arial view of Las Vegas East

Amazing, we are both finally feeling normal. Both getting back our get up and something. This morning Bill cleaned the whole garage. And I actually did some cleaning inside. 
Spring here in Vegas is a great time of year. We have had winds, rain, with more on the way, heat - up to mid 90's and tomorrow it will be in the low 70's. The rain has leaned the dust off all the plants and they love it. The sun has encouraged them to grow and flower.  The Palo Verde, who bloomed beautifully, is losing its flowers due to the strong winds we've been having. Makes the ground beneath it look like it is glowing. 
The Oleander Bill rescued from someone trash took root, made it through the winter and is growing and blooming like crazy. 
Can tell Bill is feeling better. He got some bird houses to paint and put them up out back. Don't know if they will ever get used as there aren't many birds in our area. Except the humming birds and pigeons. 
Maybe the hummingbirds will make them home. 
Another larger one on the shed. 
He also took one of his drones out for a while. Right above the house, but what a view. Did a 360 at 400 feet. Can see the whole valley. Up into the air then shifting to the south and then east. Over The Wetlands. And looking towards the mountains between us and Lake Mead. Then on around north again over the homes. Way in the background you can see downtown and the strip. Going up to 400 feet. That is as high as it is legal to fly them. And the program lets you know how high you are. Back around over The Wetlands. 

To watch it larger click here. 
At noon today is an important soccer game. And then at 4:00 I have a doctor's appointment. This is the doctor who is 20 miles away on the other side of town!  Sure hope they can figure out how to get rid of this infection. After that we will be staying on the far side of town going out to dinner so hopefully the traffic won't be so bad on our way home. 


SandyM said...

So good to read you are feeling better - enjoyed the video and pictures. The oleander looks beautiful and is a beautiful color.

Carol and Bill said...

Believe me we are very happy to feel good.

Contessa said...

You are both so creative. Hope the medical appointment went well.

Carol and Bill said...

more antibiotics for another two weeks. seems it will be something I'll have to live with. hope you are feeling better.

Atm Card said...
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